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Minecraft Seed STRONGHOLD UNDER SPAWN [With End Portal]

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TheSuperGamerGirl101 2013-12-04 @ 12:25:01
Wow the music is the best!!!
andrew levy 2014-01-19 @ 05:22:45
cool music
Bella Corum 2014-01-18 @ 20:45:45
dont work
Gunitha Guniteke 2012-12-22 @ 23:46:49
What the heck men!!! I was digging too then suddenly i died saying that i fell out of the world
Arlene Doughty 2013-02-05 @ 23:42:09
theres diamonds near the stronghold at 267 15 602
Julio Belloso 2013-02-16 @ 02:31:31
thanks,I already found the stronghold
Charlie McDerpington 2012-11-06 @ 14:24:28
the seed grateful dead spawns u next to a ravine and there r also wheat seeds everywhere its epic.
Brett Baranek 2013-06-10 @ 20:27:25
fake bastard
Julio Belloso 2013-02-16 @ 13:16:21
this stronghold does not have any libraries :(
legocreator486 2012-10-30 @ 21:02:26
oh i did it was great this was the only seed thats actually worked for me
Charlotte pearce 2013-08-29 @ 13:35:37
Dat Music
Swedendude's 2012-12-22 @ 07:50:28
Nahh Its the worst music i ever heard!!!!!
Michael Tiang 2013-01-06 @ 03:24:41
the song is perfect
Brin Plays MC 2013-03-15 @ 03:43:12
In this [seed] i found diamond ore.
thomas mayer 2013-06-25 @ 16:33:03
this sucks
Swedendude's 2013-01-05 @ 12:00:08
If you look in the description There is an link to my New video cause in the New update the spawn was updated :D
Swedendude's 2012-12-28 @ 19:53:04
It is not the same video it maybe looks the same but i needed to make a new video then it was a updated spawnpoint in this seed..
LetsPlayTekken 2013-03-29 @ 18:42:19
Whats the music... I actually enjoyed it.
xDark Nova 2013-01-02 @ 13:43:43
the music made me laugh so hard.
Lacey Sims 2013-06-20 @ 16:18:26
Would You Happen to be Hetalia Fan *wiggle eyebrows* } ; D
Subscriber 2013-08-07 @ 09:27:09
Still works! :D
Jordan Jullian 2012-12-03 @ 00:19:24
What the heck with the music DUDE!?!?!?!?
JOE MASON 2012-12-30 @ 12:01:38
this was uploaded on my birthday
Swedendude's 2013-06-02 @ 17:25:12
If you read the description you will see a link to a video that shows you where you should go in the new version!
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to Swedendude's
Added  2012-10-29
From  Swedendude's
Updated video: http://bit.ly/Zo5Q0w ← [DON'T SAY THIS DOESN'T WORK IF U DON'T HAVE LOOK AT THIS VIDEO!] Seed: ILikeUkraine • Facebook: http://on.fb.me/ZtsvHF Please Like and Subscribe! :D ...........Sorry for the music!!! LOL
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