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Pixelmon ! Minecraft Pokemon Mod!! Episode 79-LEGENDARY BIRD HUNTING?!!

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Matthew Cookio 2014-05-10 @ 16:17:31
It wasnt a Articuno. :(
Jing Lin 2014-03-16 @ 15:26:14
I went back to the vid and u did miss a Ardacuno! 
cristian ramos 2014-02-21 @ 02:14:39
LOL he missed Zapdos at 4:42
Lukas Pilvelis 2013-11-09 @ 05:26:31
My six pokemon are Mewto (shiny) Mew Zapdoes Moltres Blastoise Venasaur
jon vaughn 2014-07-20 @ 19:54:53
I saw you pass a igglybuff
hussain sadda 2014-07-15 @ 14:08:13
I got the strongest pokemon,it is called mewtwo,but i name it trollmon
luke Downing 2013-11-23 @ 18:04:01
it was an articuno
Spark Flyer 2014-07-13 @ 18:01:45
I mean Marrero
jordan vargas 2013-12-14 @ 03:42:21
bradley edmondson 2013-12-15 @ 08:52:24
All shiny
travis collins 2014-06-23 @ 08:05:28
To everyone that thought that at 18:42 that was a Zapdos (Im not sure if this is right, could have been on the other side of the hill, but this is my opinion) but if you wait until about 19:12 the camera is facing directly at the "Zapdos" and it looked like just a Pidgey, and for the people that are like "why does it look yellow" maybe it was shiny (shiny Pidgies are yellow) also if you say "Well there is no way a Pidgey could be that big" maybe it was an Enormous (Growth Type, They have talked about it before) Pidgey or Even just a Pidgeot but it didnt look like a Zapdos (Dont hate if Im wrong just stating my Opinion)
OreoSlayer 2014-01-02 @ 03:11:41
I have all lengendaries 
Spudnuts66 2013-12-14 @ 16:31:49
I heard an articuno 
riffin griff 2013-11-17 @ 18:55:09
It wasnt
Normy Bayliss 2014-02-20 @ 11:45:39
Lol you miss it
luke allarie 2014-04-03 @ 11:18:09
i hate when the title spoils it
Simon Conway 2014-03-08 @ 09:34:42
I have some good ideas for the server 
Lissa Richardson 2013-11-18 @ 00:59:21
it needs to be a extreme hills
Jesse Gallegos 2013-12-01 @ 04:27:18
No not articuno because davidbrowntv his articuno sounds nothing like the one in the video articuno is loud annoying and the sound lasts for a couple of seconds not two articunos screech is like 4 seconds
Maddox Curley 2014-01-05 @ 12:45:28
I caught moltres
Craig Messinger 2013-12-13 @ 15:56:37
i have a moltres
Damian Harris 2014-01-19 @ 20:58:13
I have caught moltress, articuno, and zapdos
Miles D East 2014-02-09 @ 04:27:29
Yes That Is A Articuno
PGSLGamers 2014-03-03 @ 16:23:17
It was a articuno i spawned one for myself the sounds match perfectly
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Added  2013-05-28
From  LittleLizardGaming - Minecraft Mods!
Pixelmon!A Minecraft Pokemon Mod! Welcome to the world of Minecraft Pokemon, where TinyTurtle & LittleLizard try to catch all Pixelmon! Who will catch them first? ------------------------------------------------------- Articuno? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHM5xQaLU1c Next Pixelmon - http: (more)
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Showing 1-25 of 13337 See All Videos
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