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two strand twist/Flat twist updo!

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themukisa11 2012-07-28 @ 03:17:42
thanks, ladies!
breezy82able 2012-07-25 @ 00:07:40
u did a very good job!!! Beautiful!!
themukisa11 2012-07-28 @ 03:17:31
my schedule is so crazy right now. as soon as I get some free time I will let you know. thanks:)
rci1965 2012-07-22 @ 00:48:16
Love it!
Sankofa Locs 2012-07-28 @ 15:26:56
Nikki Darling 2012-07-22 @ 14:44:20
Shes back again? LOL I love the style
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to themukisa11
Added  2012-07-21
From  themukisa11
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Category  Entertainment

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