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Thinknoodles 2013-12-20 @ 15:33:57
Its here! My Poptropica: Mocktropica Island Full Walkthrough!
Vi Brown 2014-01-16 @ 21:42:18
ppl I made the glitch with the cake happen trust me u DO NOT wanna use the cake!
fancypurpledolphins 2015-06-26 @ 23:54:16
In public school, many of my classmates thought that this game was for little kids... and I play it so I felt embarrassed, but seeing an adult play the game I feel much better. :)
Pinkamena 2015-05-12 @ 23:10:52
Yo can anyone help me on the cheap loading thing where he says ow my noggin i have no helmet and im stuck there
Juniper FrozenSpirit 2014-01-17 @ 09:20:14
woah woah wait...hold your horses...you play minecraft?
DaEpikGamer 2015-04-08 @ 22:41:02
*I need help. After I get the coins and talk to the focus room guy. I try to go to the university, but the game keeps loading and never stops.. Please help!*
Cecelia Betts 2015-04-15 @ 12:20:27
mine clogged at the exact part 12:06 each time
DeLenn L. 2015-07-19 @ 16:09:06
The helmet SERIOUSLY breaks my concentration because its REALLY ugly and it takes my purple glasses
Master Pringle 2015-07-23 @ 21:45:24
Juliette Leveau 2015-07-07 @ 19:23:15
Umm when u go to the cheese factory mine doesnt work it just says wheres the rest of the island and its blank. 
Emily Rose 2015-07-16 @ 17:56:01
I dont have the helmet and iam stuck
Ethan P 2015-05-27 @ 20:11:47
Has the bonus quest come out yet?
Yosuke Hanamura 2015-06-21 @ 01:53:43
32:10 Lol, there actually is a Poptropica game on mobile xD
Sara Goodman 2015-07-21 @ 17:54:52
Sammycc143 2015-07-25 @ 02:42:27
For some reason when I got the orange soda pop and jumped off the building the safety guy didnt come and the crate wasnt there. So, me not knowing that was supposed to happen, I went to the college guy and gave him the pop and when I went back to get a script the crate was there, but now Im suck, I cant walk by it, cant jump over it, or even go back the way I came. Ive tried going back home and even logging out, but everytime I go back to the game Im still in the same spot. Usually glitches go away when I reload, but this one wont. Any advice? EDIT: Never mind I freed myself out!
Darcy Rhoden 2015-07-27 @ 18:15:42
in the sound one the levers wont move at 29:00 HALP!
Caramel Lovelace 2015-06-24 @ 00:50:33
I had to freaking restart this whole island because nothing was working.
Rebecca Apap 2015-06-10 @ 09:13:00
When I go talk to the professor, the crazy dude doesnt tell me to find the soda bottles!! When I went on the building, there wasnt a soda bottle. I did everything like you did! Help me +Thinknoodles
hannah sonnenberg 2015-05-24 @ 01:23:42
i love 11k people and hate 222 people
Danika Matias 2015-07-19 @ 09:55:43
i dont have the helmet they never gave it to me PLEASE HELP ME I DONT KNOW HOW TO BRAKE THE WORD AHHHH
abby shay 2015-06-26 @ 07:40:29
"the return of Balloon Boy" ahaha
Niyati Jain 2015-06-08 @ 18:05:39
help! i got stuck in the crate somehow!
kaycias mom kayciasmom@yahoo.com 2015-07-27 @ 03:44:43
I have you as a freind on poptropica !!! GG
Abby OBrien 2015-07-16 @ 20:48:32
the focus tester never said any thing about the soda so im stuck
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Showing 1-25 of 13337 See All Videos
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