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★ Poptropica: Mocktropica Island Full Walkthrough ★

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Thinknoodles 2013-12-20 @ 15:33:57
Its here! My Poptropica: Mocktropica Island Full Walkthrough!
Avi Ob 2014-07-03 @ 20:07:33
The guy didnt come when I was running to the Ephraim place. 
Connor Warram 2014-01-27 @ 00:10:27
I can NEVER beat the mancala game no matter how much i try. I just cant.
KittyCatsGaming 2014-03-29 @ 15:01:18
HELP while i was in the basement i dident reset the computer so the island was still chaos! i need help i went to were the chasm was and i cant get OUT help i cant travel to any other islands and it would be a shame if i have to reset my poptropica account after all the 5 years i had it for!
Blair Foutz 2014-04-23 @ 21:01:07
I cant get the giant helmet. When the dude comes to talk to me, he wont talk. So I refreshed the page and I arranged the buildings again and climbed up and he still wont talk. Help? 
ThePurpleBunny 2014-03-01 @ 21:35:11
I was at the part where the safety dude gives you a helmet.. My computer got stuck and I didnt get the helmet. I hope we didnt NEED THAT..
Dare yourfirejam 2014-01-27 @ 20:40:55
☻/ /▌ /\ This is Kate Copy and paste her everywhere you can so she can get rid of bob for eternity and save google+!
Tyler Fournier 2014-02-22 @ 21:39:41
btw there is a new island
Jordon Brown 2014-04-08 @ 14:11:40
Stars for this: ★★★★★ ! 5 STARS :)
Kayla Irizarry 2014-03-24 @ 21:46:37
i never got the helmet from the construction guy what do i do with the poptropica logo? 
sheikh sackor 2014-02-05 @ 17:45:20
I dont play poptropica no more
Wingedfury 2014-06-13 @ 21:02:10
I beat him 36 to 11! :D
LizLpsTV 2014-04-05 @ 07:20:51
My games map is not like yours!!!!!!!!!!! The balloon is before the red building
Teo Luk Banal 2014-03-11 @ 04:00:34
the cop outside the cheese factory doesnt let me go in and he saidscram11no one can get past me and then when i want to go in he saidbeat it! think plz help me
Poro Pines 2014-04-27 @ 19:15:35
the cake is a lieeeee.
Mr.Bateching Mike Hunt 2014-01-21 @ 16:38:16
i cant beat him at mancala its freaking hard heeeelllpp
DaNaja Ellerby 2014-02-13 @ 22:34:28
i click the lady who cut down the servers but she didnt ay tht she said her bank account is sweet and now the mouse is in the loading circle and i cant do anything. Can u help me?
IvyWind 2014-03-19 @ 16:29:01
Totally ridiculing anime. -shakes head-
Qasim Bilal 2014-04-16 @ 16:25:28
at 14:17 how did you get across the man keeps asking me for my coins and the coins got lost with the inventory
Vicoriat draev 2014-07-03 @ 04:05:35
When I gave him the counterfeit coin, I lagged and now its stuck on the poptropica loading page!!!
DarkRaindeer AJ 2014-01-20 @ 21:07:27
Dear think, Hello thinknoodles, i hope you dont mind that im watching this walkthrough on ur channle, then im going to record my own and put it on my channel. And it would be amazing, if you subscribed to my channel.. i would be onerd. thank u think. ~~~ Darkraindeer ~~~
George West 2014-01-19 @ 17:43:52
They fixed the cake bug. Your avatar says: "I dont feel like eating cake now.
Ashley Jung 2014-02-17 @ 03:49:07
Thinknoodles is like a computer full of information of Poptropica
Anna lam 2014-05-31 @ 23:00:16
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Added  2013-12-20
From  Thinknoodles
Poptropica: Mocktropica Island Full Walkthrough - The full walkthrough cheats for Mocktropica Island, not including the bonus quest. I'll show you how to beat Mocktropica Island on Poptropica! Subscribe to my Channel: ✦✦✦ http://bit.ly/NoodleOn ✦✦✦ Bonus Quest: Coming Soon! Twitter: (more)
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Showing 1-25 of 13337 See All Videos
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