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★ Poptropica: Mocktropica Island Full Walkthrough ★

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devanie vestal 2014-08-31 @ 21:02:04
at 3:44 i got a knight in shining armor is upset because the towns cherished cheesecake is missing the thief turns out to be the mexican wrestler XD
abby fiorilla 2014-08-01 @ 18:54:24
think noodles how old are you?
Sarah TeddyToasty 2014-08-13 @ 23:51:15
Dang this island was SO buggy! I had to restart the island twice because I both times I didnt get the helmet, and the crate only appeared when I entered main street from the campus scene... so I got stuck inside the crate. I also had to reload the page multiple times on several occasions because the loading screen was stuck or there was nothing happening on the page with a constant "loading" cursor. Also, when I switched to nighttime to get the counterfeit coins and after I paid the guy to let me off main street, the loading screen kept being permanently stuck if I tried to leave the main street. I finally figured out that I had to turn it back to daytime for some reason for that glitch to stop. :/ This was such a frustrating island!
naomi drye 2014-07-29 @ 19:59:59
Avi Ob 2014-07-03 @ 20:07:33
The guy didnt come when I was running to the Ephraim place. 
Vicoriat draev 2014-07-03 @ 04:05:35
When I gave him the counterfeit coin, I lagged and now its stuck on the poptropica loading page!!!
Pinky The Fox 2014-10-16 @ 05:12:51
Say #verybadday if you wanna see alexander or if you have seen it!
Mylinh Duong 2014-10-14 @ 16:21:53
power rangers
robert chilson 2014-10-11 @ 17:27:08
How do I get the cake back
dashund doenuts 2014-10-01 @ 13:32:05
o3o beware the A me: AHH ITS THE A! a: MAHHAHAHA
MC Mcarthy 2014-09-29 @ 22:33:10
is anyone else not able to go to the university after they give the professor the pop coin? or is it just me.
Blair Foutz 2014-04-23 @ 21:01:07
I cant get the giant helmet. When the dude comes to talk to me, he wont talk. So I refreshed the page and I arranged the buildings again and climbed up and he still wont talk. Help? 
LittleKWebkinz 2014-09-28 @ 14:20:47
i did that and the guy with the pet isnt their
Sealz5 AJ 2014-09-23 @ 03:06:18
A space marine is upset because the towns cherished frozen pizza is missing. The thief turns out to be the queen of England :) HILARIOUS!
Wingedfury 2014-06-13 @ 21:02:10
I beat him 36 to 11! :D
Anna lam 2014-05-31 @ 23:00:16
Mario Blight 2014-09-20 @ 01:53:07
I have that glitch where the construction worker wont give me the helmet, anyone know what to do? Ive refreshed the page and the island like 10 times.
Crystal Jaimes 2014-09-10 @ 23:25:41
I swear, the music playing while your in the main street is a combination of one of the songs in Lion King and Beauty and the Beast!!! I really want to know if it is because its REALLY bugging me that I dont know.
dashund doenuts 2014-10-01 @ 12:37:19
I think I might start poptropica (just so I can kick him down the stairs heheheh)
ribhav Gupta 2014-08-05 @ 17:46:23
why is the almost the whole island white
Charlotte De 2014-08-10 @ 09:06:16
At the part where your inventory is attacked by a buf or something my game froze because i moved . I tried restarting it but then it wouldnt get off the the inventory screen . Did anybody else have this problem .?
Andre D 2014-09-06 @ 22:01:24
How do you get the security guard to be nice so he will let you into the cheese curd factory
Rebecca Longtin 2014-10-24 @ 17:48:04
What iz ur real name ( +Thinknoodles )
Tanith Barnhill 2014-07-31 @ 03:26:40
At the beginning of this Island after you get the cake I went to the elevator but I KEEP FALLING OUT?! I restarted the Island THREE TIMES and it keeps doing that! Please help! 
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Added  2013-12-20
From  Thinknoodles
Poptropica: Mocktropica Island Full Walkthrough - The full walkthrough cheats for Mocktropica Island, not including the bonus quest. I'll show you how to beat Mocktropica Island on Poptropica! Subscribe to my Channel: ✦✦✦ http://bit.ly/NoodleOn ✦✦✦ Bonus Quest: Coming Soon! Twitter: (more)
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Showing 1-25 of 13337 See All Videos
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