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★ Poptropica: Mocktropica Island Full Walkthrough ★

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Qasim Bilal 2014-04-16 @ 16:25:28
at 14:17 how did you get across the man keeps asking me for my coins and the coins got lost with the inventory
Jordon Brown 2014-04-08 @ 14:11:40
Stars for this: ★★★★★ ! 5 STARS :)
Zora Everworlds 2014-04-08 @ 02:33:54
When I gave the guy the counterfeit pop coins, my character started floating. It was really weird.
LizLpsTV 2014-04-05 @ 07:20:51
My games map is not like yours!!!!!!!!!!! The balloon is before the red building
SoyZuri 2014-03-30 @ 20:43:41
this island is very buggy
KittyCatsGaming 2014-03-29 @ 15:01:18
HELP while i was in the basement i dident reset the computer so the island was still chaos! i need help i went to were the chasm was and i cant get OUT help i cant travel to any other islands and it would be a shame if i have to reset my poptropica account after all the 5 years i had it for!
Erika Perez 2014-03-27 @ 22:40:09
this is a good video and it help
Kayla Irizarry 2014-03-24 @ 21:46:37
i never got the helmet from the construction guy what do i do with the poptropica logo? 
Ibrahim petty 2014-03-23 @ 20:09:59
the helmet is cool add:chickenarefromchickfaalay its a nice chicken
ryan smith 2014-04-18 @ 00:10:11
I cant get past the man at the cheese factory
Danorange2 2014-04-15 @ 12:11:37
THANKS FOR THE WIN OF THE GAME 16:48 I won finally thank you so much!!!
Jasmine Ramos 2014-04-15 @ 23:59:00
Add me username:cookiesrock78
zshazshi 2014-04-17 @ 08:44:38
UGH i have to start it again cause when the big crate with the bottles came i had to eat so i logged out and when i came in i got stuck in the crate.
Anya McCoy 2014-04-14 @ 02:41:02
nothing happens. it just spins
Gautam Rath 2014-04-15 @ 05:39:33
hey i want to get the three guys but it says that where did the rest of the island go? then it gets annoying what should i do? but anyway i like you video thanks for the help but please tell why my half of the island is not ready
Victoria Kraus 2014-04-15 @ 23:17:04
I am only 6
Jenny Le 2014-04-13 @ 15:12:41
Add me: Hotgolden2 By the way thanks for the help ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Emily Greco 2014-04-13 @ 21:13:50
6:40 The guy gets mad and wont let me in?? o.o (I tried restarting it)
Jade A-Adele 2014-04-12 @ 01:59:18
Cant get past the rock game. >.<
nakano chihaya 2014-04-14 @ 13:54:08
when th scientest asked for my token everything stopped and stood still.
Katie Sutcliffe 2014-04-13 @ 06:37:37
you helped a bit but I had to reset because I didnt get the helmet and then it wouldnt let me do the rest
Anna Holak 2014-04-13 @ 02:37:23
Kiss your hand 5 times then post this on another video there will be a pink iPad under your pillow
swifter101 2014-04-12 @ 04:18:19
awww when i was supposed to get the helmet and my game crashed so i had to restart at the "loadingscreen" part D:
lataya riddick 2014-04-11 @ 11:46:38
why is it blurry
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Added  2013-12-20
From  Thinknoodles
Poptropica: Mocktropica Island Full Walkthrough - The full walkthrough cheats for Mocktropica Island, not including the bonus quest. I'll show you how to beat Mocktropica Island on Poptropica! Subscribe to my Channel: ✦✦✦ http://bit.ly/NoodleOn ✦✦✦ Bonus Quest: Coming Soon! Twitter: (more)
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