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David Daviski 2014-05-04 @ 20:23:43
While I agree that Hanna Barbara produced some of the greatest cartoons of all time, I still have to say they come in 2nd to Looney Tunes. For action, adventure stuff, Hanna Barbara rules. But for sheer laugh out loud comedy, you cant beat Bugs, Daffy, and the gang. Although to be fair, I believe Hanna Barbara also produced the Tom and Jerry classic, along with all those classic characters brought to us from Tex Avery. Those were so damn funny! 
rnigma 2011-05-14 @ 11:29:36
Tim Matheson, as previously mentioned, was the voice of Sinbad - he also voiced Jonny Quest. The HB episodes of Sinbad Jr. were better than the Singer episodes, in scripts, voices, music, animation... Sinbad fought such villains as Blubbo (sort of a Bluto ripoff) and Dr. Rotcoddam ("thats mad doctor spelled backwards," Sinbad helpfully told us).
jvcc31 2011-05-21 @ 03:28:27
where are the full eps in english???
Jiltedin2007 2010-08-06 @ 16:13:29
@theshadow1932 Yeah, no kidding. Hanna Barbrea has got to be the Best Cartoon Production ever in the History of Cartoon. The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Super Friends and so on. Did he also do Yogi Bear and Snagglepuss? Ah yes, the good old days!
samuraix73 2012-01-01 @ 12:45:20
I remember our local station in Trinidad used to have this version back in the early 70s (I was born in 73). This truly brings back memories of me trying to tighten my belt to see if I would instantly get muscles. Ahhhh, impressionable youth.
Dexter J 2012-08-18 @ 21:00:27
wow i am1973 trinidad born as well-one of my early memories of cartoons on ttt
Stephen Cowan 2013-09-17 @ 04:06:31
Some early memorys here. No matter how hard I pulled my belt. Nothing.... Shite! Love the memory thought
iwasanangryyoungman 2011-03-27 @ 17:31:01
Tightening ones belt....what prophetic advice for these hard times!!! But Sinbad Jr.s incredible musculature can only be attributed to - STEROIDS!!!
TitaniumByFire 2010-04-09 @ 20:54:33
moralgood the pilot
SeaJay3 2011-03-08 @ 05:43:48
Boy do I remember this. Right up there with the Mighty Hercules. Im glad that I grew up when I did. Cartoons today suck.
Cosmic Dingo 2011-04-23 @ 16:57:36
Prefer the HB hip swingin theme.
kay fowler devine 2010-12-03 @ 02:45:39
@ZOOSHA3 -1965.and Tim Matheson played Sinbad
Derik Penman 2012-09-19 @ 18:49:05
ARRR...I be digging that beat!
U.N. Owen 2011-08-23 @ 23:52:30
LOVE the HB ones. Groovy theme. As far as the whole saga of the HB & Singer eps, fromthesidelines is on the mark. IF you want to read (not much) more, go to Wikipedia.
Barry I. Grauman 2010-10-07 @ 23:06:57
This was a 1965-66 syndicated cartoon series, with animation co-produced by TWO studios: Hanna-Barbera (who created the best episodes) and Sam Singers production outfit (the cheaper of the two, from the people who previously produced "BUCKY & PEPITO" and "COURAGEOUS CAT & MINUTE MOUSE"). The theme song and voices were different in each version....Tim Thomerson and Mel Blanc were the lead voices in the H-B version.
gerryu21220 2010-06-30 @ 00:08:33
This is not the opening I remember... The music wasnt this jazzy version.
MaghoxFr 2010-07-09 @ 02:00:26
@gerryu21220 the first one is the one Im talking about! watch?v=S-gPapHBgWk&feature=related
Jiltedin2007 2010-07-23 @ 01:58:49
I remembered this back in the late 60s.
Barry I. Grauman 2011-01-21 @ 03:03:10
Yes, Tim MATHESON (I sometimes get him mixed up with "Thomerson", sorry about that!).
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