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2X -25 2012-11-07 @ 16:00:59
Whats the intro music? Also love the series. And you are not scaring the ocelot (cat) he is just an 3D object coded.
Amber Johnson 2012-11-06 @ 15:41:06
kayla montesino 2013-01-28 @ 13:38:18
Mary is fin from adventure time ha ha
Smallfried76 2012-11-06 @ 17:18:24
When is episode 3 coming out Mr. Dave? I cant wait?
poppetsareme333 2012-11-08 @ 06:42:57
i am becoming inpatient!
Omid Moharer 2013-06-05 @ 00:24:08
the eggs are for sponing
Adrian Herrera 2013-05-18 @ 15:50:04
Lame dadsrfunny
George Lopez 2012-11-06 @ 21:04:07
I havent see u vids in sooo long!
emilyrodgers92 2013-03-31 @ 03:43:05
Fantage Kitty 2013-04-16 @ 08:24:55
Hey people , do you know the Brain guy, my friend and I, both called it, mr professor butt brain sir gentlemen!! Lol
Shikha Kinariwala 2012-11-06 @ 18:43:48
i wish i was on mary and dad in my favorite game
dadsRfunny 2012-11-09 @ 03:50:52
We just ordered a green screen! Should be interesting!
dadsRfunny 2013-03-26 @ 20:59:03
Wow. Thats a a lot of episodes. We are working on more epis for season seven and more seasons to come!
dadsRfunny 2013-07-10 @ 00:00:27
originally Sas wasnt going to really have a gender. We didnt really think about it. But later we wanted sas to talk and the communicator was too hard to do so to make our lives easier we made sas a girl because Missyfenstriders a girl. (Since theyre in the digital world splice can make sas have any kind of voice preferred but if we ever go back in the real world sas will not be able to talk anymore.)
tina mikaelas 2013-10-17 @ 07:43:22
I love this series I watch this at 2011 or 2012
Wesley Knipping 2013-10-21 @ 00:35:40
This is favorite episode or the season 5 finale.
Brent Walters 2013-07-10 @ 05:41:11
Hey dadsrfunny u r awesome and make great vids
jethrosongano 2013-04-06 @ 01:24:49
i watched all of your videos its awsome in just a week
Max² 2012-11-06 @ 16:03:36
6 :) !!
Slogamers69 2012-11-06 @ 17:39:09
mary is probably 16-18 years old
Motoxwhizz 2013-06-08 @ 08:22:37
I like gben
Chelsea Perkins 2013-07-28 @ 04:47:23
I wonder what would happen if you killed splice
AlphaAbe2000 2012-11-06 @ 15:04:00
im the first view!!!!
Scwam 2013-01-27 @ 03:27:52
u guys are super funny
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