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MINECRAFT 1.7.9 Command Block Basics TUTORIAL

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Mr.DropTheBass 2014-03-25 @ 23:41:30
no offense but theres no rain because its a desert 
Quinten Cabo 2014-03-03 @ 15:26:30
You are in a desserts biom
Tim Portnoff 2014-07-16 @ 14:29:02
I wish I learned something I didnt know. But the /spawnpoint command set the spawnpoint, not tpd you to the spawnpoint. If you respawned, you would spawn on that stone block.
SkyTheMinecraftMajor 2014-06-21 @ 21:16:52
/spawnpoint. fixed
godofgamer 2014-02-07 @ 00:39:49
the reason theres no rain is because your in a destert biome
geerterig 2014-02-05 @ 18:56:38
Im a kid and i know how to do this!
Anthony Borja 2013-11-23 @ 04:16:05
I have 0.7.2 but no command blocks halo ;-;
Bob Shell 2014-02-15 @ 13:57:21
lol it finished when u were still showing
blackbarongames 2014-02-02 @ 08:24:12
This sucks I searched for the testfor command and it gives me these BASIC BASIC commands that everyone knows, pointless video! 
nightmare9876789 2013-12-10 @ 02:25:37
i am making something for a future map and Im having a problem with the test for command i type in /testfor @p[-202,5,443=1] and it doesnt work can some one help
ovid aboutblank 2014-07-21 @ 06:01:20
Just trying to help, im not going to research your more recent shit to figure out if youve changed (the internet, right?), so I might be spewing uselessness: add music to your intro shit, the silence was awkward...also, plugging the link to the channel were actually watching doesnt help anyone...shop a logo for yourself, simple is better that aside, it was straightforward, which is what I wanted, and why I watched, thanks
Richard Robinson 2014-04-30 @ 17:27:36
It stopped
dan semblante 2014-06-18 @ 10:57:40
hey help me summon object help :(
aaron davis 2014-02-18 @ 03:00:52
It doesnt work because your in a preferred desert biome.
jefferson pharis 2014-07-07 @ 02:30:40
Tp no work :/
Padsters Vids 2014-05-13 @ 16:46:17
it doesnt rain in desert biomes
Chiyuri Yami 2014-05-13 @ 11:56:01
is it possible to use command block to change the biome of an area?
Neil Sammut 2014-06-26 @ 15:46:24
no rain in desert bro
Creepy_Squid 2014-02-28 @ 00:02:16
Everyone seems to be having trouble with these (well some people) and these are the basic of the basic commands wait till you know what a datatag is to be confused.
Красимир Василев 2014-02-21 @ 11:53:05
Adam Brookes 2014-06-08 @ 09:55:01
just do spawnpoint @p
GameplayIndustrieMAX 2014-04-19 @ 12:07:50
in the spawnpoint command you cant write .344 .526 
LTboltLT bolt 2013-12-24 @ 10:45:50
the rain dosnt work it is a desserd
Dragonninjafighter23 2014-06-08 @ 15:55:52
when ever i do the tp, b/c im makin an adventure map, i try doing "tp @p-128, 4, -739" but it says "-128 is not a valid number" can anyone help?
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Added  2012-12-23
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