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Star Trek TNG Outtakes

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JChap2009 2014-07-04 @ 20:47:58
This. shouldnt. have. made. me. laugh. so. hard. xDD
ubungify 2009-12-14 @ 21:59:45
LOL at gothstitute, thats hilarious. No, Im not a goth, Im not 30, I dont live with my parents. I just hate bullshit, and this video is bullshit. Title it "my hilarious star trek spoof" and its no problem, call it "out takes" and its wasting the irreplaceable seconds of someone elses life.
Daedalus 2012-10-05 @ 14:30:35
I like Ebaumsworld
ThexCatsxPajamas 2009-08-22 @ 04:37:24
"Im going to have a rub down with beverley"XD wtf?
Dallas Thomas 2009-03-30 @ 18:13:45
What is it superfreak!! Hahaha
Blake Butler 2010-01-02 @ 15:19:55
This video is actually a repost of an original DJO (dayjoborchestra) video that is already on youtube. Unless DJO is affiliated with ebaumsworld, I doubt hed appreciate his work being presented under ebaums banner.
DrMabuuse 2009-03-30 @ 14:04:50
lool awesome
ubungify 2009-12-14 @ 00:24:59
It would have done nicely if the poster was not a degenerate lying scumbag feasting on the wasted time of others with their irrelevant rubbish. No, this warrants an eternity of damnation.
ubungify 2009-12-12 @ 00:51:34
God hates you .... and so do I
stevetrackattack 2010-05-08 @ 03:32:31
@KonigRodskjegg I was under the impression that that is what ebaumsworld does is just scan the internet for funny images and videos and compiles them into a archive?
MB3Productions 2009-05-16 @ 11:57:26
Brandon Johnson-Clark 2013-07-01 @ 06:14:19
The original credit to this video goes to DJO. DayjobOrchestra.
polghirstenskoetter 2009-06-03 @ 17:03:41
awesome randomness
ubungify 2009-10-28 @ 21:38:51
this was marginally amusing, but theyre not out takes. Pray to god that crows peck out your eyes so that no others may suffer your worthless lies.
Daniel Mazzei 2009-04-25 @ 00:56:48
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to EbaumsWorld2009
Added  2009-03-30
From  EbaumsWorld2009
Category  Comedy

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