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EpicShadows 2014-10-18 @ 16:41:50
Is there a way I could get ezcap from amazon? I dont want to buy from eBay. Also, i cant launch the psm studio Ever time I launch it no process starts and a year ago when I did try it, I couldnt get the client to start because It needed something like a lisence key or something like that.
Foas 2015-01-10 @ 01:37:25
How do i get that app on my vita?
123nowguy . 2015-01-14 @ 18:25:18
Does this work with a roxio game capture hd
Maricela Pedro 2015-03-10 @ 21:53:52
How did you connect the Xbox 360 controller to your ps vita.?
Vity Cam 2015-05-25 @ 10:35:23
elibanez2232 2015-04-13 @ 23:32:49
How do you get good fps? It runs about 8 fps for me.
Petar Konipishki 2014-12-21 @ 09:18:00
Sergy arevalo remote play dosent work. It works with ps4 but not with ps3
Patrick Mcmunn 2015-03-19 @ 13:16:53
it said the remote desktop app was removed?
sergy arevalo 2014-12-08 @ 00:47:43
Rodolfo Enriquez 2014-12-16 @ 01:11:47
Que video tan mas falso buuuu buuuu buuuu falso falso las opciones se seleccionaban solitas cuando ni siquiera tocaba el analogo que falso buuuu buuuu
Hamid Essa 2015-03-02 @ 21:34:10
Wont show download button😡
Daniel Garzon 2014-09-26 @ 11:14:08
FAKE, he didnt press the X bottom in the start of the video
Christopher92689 2015-03-25 @ 21:15:48
Wow, a non-emulator hack using your own systems with just a few apps, and audio/video adapters for the computer. Now just need to fix the portable PSVita TV screen to work as a full system and this would be a done deal.
AllPro777 2014-09-13 @ 13:07:09
Music is horrid. FUCK!
Chris Sparks 2014-08-06 @ 10:44:42
Cool concept. Unfortunately, it only works when you are in the same place as your console. If only there were a remote play option like this that allowed you to remote play from anywhere in the world!!!! Now that would be dope. Let me know if you ever figure that one out!!
AmazingGamerHD 2015-01-19 @ 20:50:17
No its just a stupid YouTube vid it dont work he was just playing
Pumkin Head 2014-11-19 @ 16:50:44
Can you tell me how you got them apps on your psvita. 
Britt Lee 2015-03-16 @ 21:31:41
Omg it works thank u 
Junior Figueroa 2014-12-25 @ 15:05:33
Does this work on Xbox one
AmazingGamerHD 2015-01-16 @ 20:14:09
Fake and gay 
hellopokeo 2014-08-24 @ 06:55:52
Do you have to use a controller? On the PSVita forum it said you dont but you are..
TheBlocktor 2014-08-27 @ 18:52:34
make a video on how to share games from one vita to another would be more helpful
Bush Bavaria 2014-07-23 @ 06:48:07
Watch my gaming vids
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