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Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors

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saveyouckufer 2013-12-28 @ 02:48:23
Nice to see people discovering this version for the first time. Thought it would die down after a couple of months. But almost a year later and its still going strong.
lauraldeia 2014-07-19 @ 12:03:36
I never thought this song would ever fit in a ladys voice
Kimberly Brink-Castleberry 2014-05-27 @ 06:58:24
This Sensational Cover Of Stairway to Heaven Brought Led Zeppelin To Tears Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors
Andre Speek 2014-05-12 @ 22:17:05
#EveningMusic Heart performing Stairway to Heaven... With Led Zeppelin in the audience... ;-) Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors
Jeremy Dunning 2014-01-30 @ 16:37:17
Amazing song and beautifully done.. +Muhd Aidilgodil inspired me to share this song I hope you can view it.. hope you enjoy +annie temarama , +anneke Prins , +affanka prawitha , +Ernie Marlina Sihab , +sondos blu , +Unknown Artist and also all the rest of you Keep rockin haha :)
Corneliu Carabella 2014-02-09 @ 02:09:11
Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors
John Lasschuit 2014-04-21 @ 10:07:00
#LedZeppelin listens to a beautiful version of Stairway to Heaven, performed by #Heart 
Joe Barry 2014-02-08 @ 21:21:59
And i bet John Bonhan was looking down. Long live rock!!
Chris Hale 2014-04-01 @ 05:21:05
Heart and Led Zeppelin Rock and omg together....Melted my Heart seeing gracious Led Zeppelin watch Heart sing this Awesome song!!! Favs of all time best of the best...love you ....wonderful days 
Kari Nakajima 2014-03-16 @ 02:21:03
Although Zeppelins version obviously shouldnt be compared to this - I do think that a womans vocals are much more suited to this song than most men.
TheRedViper100 2014-04-29 @ 19:46:52
Baita som e bela homenagem
giovani gaúcho 2014-05-16 @ 01:14:12
Amazing! Just beautiful! I wonder what made him cry
genevieve j 2014-07-11 @ 12:46:48
Hi everyone I want to say good night with this amazing song that brought Zeppelin to tears. Take care ♡ #zeppelin #song #wellness #life #music #feelgood #bestwellgoodchoices #goodlife
Irenee Alma 2014-05-13 @ 15:15:33
..Stairway to Heaven
Wong Jowo 2014-05-17 @ 07:00:19
Para meu Anjinho!
Alcena C V C 2014-06-11 @ 23:29:23
Heart was vroeger al top! Zusjes Wilson meen ik. #tw
Silvia Sguilla 2014-07-09 @ 00:20:13
At about 2:46 Robert Plant is thinking about his life long friendship with John Bonham and how sad it was when he passed away in Sept of 1980. You can clearly see in his face how Ann Wilsons voice is touching a chord with his emotions. I love this tribute and feel that Ann and Nancy Wilson do such an incredible tribute to the memory of the music of Led Zeppelin. Any thoughts my fellow Zep and Heart Fans?
Hennie Willemsen 2014-05-10 @ 17:09:09
Favorite performance in...ever. Ive probably watched this 50 times or more. SWTH is one of my 5 favourite songs OAT. Eight words..."To be a rock...and not to rooooolllllll!" Fucking perfect performance Ann Wilson. Things you may only notice on your 10th or say 20th viewing...at first glance, it appears the cameras intentionally pan on the four or give people that are rocking out in their chairs (epic fucking Asian guy, super fucking epic black lady thats all about that music! And young dude that breaks in to drum solo and starts rocking along with the cute couple) but look closer. It aint just Plant, Page, Jones, and those folks. Its literally 90% of the crowd shown maybe more. There is man in the cute couple scene that looks like hes 150 years old and if you focus just on him you can see that spunky sonofabitch bobbing his head along too! There are the other artist and athletes behind Zeppelin that are just all smiles and rocking tha fuck out! If you focus on just one person youll see Letterman start bobbing his head right after hes being cut off screen. All of the two choirs (the second not even choreographed in sync! They were each rocking out in their own way. And frankly so am I when I watch this thing. They brought Jimmys original vision of Stairway (to have a super epic long song that starts of slow tempo build layer upon layer of a crescendo that builds in to his epic solo that is finished with everything youve fucking got) and brought it to life for him. This brought him to tears. According to Plant (who allegedly didnt care for this song, and preferred Kashmir to be the LZ theme song) is that as it built and built he reflected that he couldnt believe "he" this old man ...could have had something to do with "that", the performance. Brought him from slightly giddy and content (the first 2 min) to Getting a little serious but smiling at Jones and Page when they turn to him. Then boom...hes breaks up. Pure perfection. Pure fuckin Zeppelin perfection!
Rob T 2014-02-25 @ 05:02:37
I normally loathe anyone other than Led Zeppelin doing Stairway as I think its a masterpiece and should not be messed with. Most versions play on the fame of the song itself to make a profit and very few treat it with the reverence it deserves. Heart however are an amazing band and Annie Wilson can sing anything. That drummer was amazing, Nancy was amazing, and I bet the lead guitarist was thinking "dont fuck it up, dont fuck it up, Jimmy is watching, just dont fuck it up".
tlc kijiji 2014-03-01 @ 08:22:49
Linda homenagem aos Led Zeppelin. Lindo.
BlueTube Tankin' 2014-05-09 @ 22:30:52
rock & roll is here to stay !!!!
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Added  2012-12-27
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Full song now available on Itunes http://bit.ly/HrtStairway http://bit.ly/HrtStairwy Full video on Itunes http://bit.ly/1aMmN72 Led Zeppelin I, II, and III deluxe http://amzn.to/QDzc8x 12 million views!!!!
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