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saveyouckufer 2013-12-28 @ 02:48:23
Nice to see people discovering this version for the first time. Thought it would die down after a couple of months. But almost a year later and its still going strong.
Snezana Virijevic 2015-02-14 @ 09:40:33
Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors #Aholidayfortheears ❤❤❤
saveyouckufer 2013-09-06 @ 20:12:03
Tetyana Sudyma 2015-04-29 @ 08:06:39
HEART Stairway To Heaven
vandilson silva 2015-04-18 @ 00:52:56
Daddy !! Shes been found, just merely caught up in the commotion and subsequent delays that todays events have had everyone encounter !! Text her !! then find me !! love you !! x
Karen-Frances Richman 2015-05-21 @ 22:02:28
Ale S 2015-05-03 @ 14:22:14
spettacolare versione
Maurizio Mauri 2015-05-06 @ 18:06:18
*Amazing cover of Led Zeppelins "Stairway to Heaven" !*
Derya Unutmaz 2014-12-11 @ 02:12:54
giorno giorno a tutti..piccola "rifatta" anticipazione..
artemisia logan 2015-04-28 @ 07:47:58
Pura melodia!!! Buon giorno mondo!!!
Raffaele Melis 2015-03-29 @ 09:43:53
ANN & NANCY WILSON (HEART) (2012) LED ZEPPELIN " Stairway to Heaven " * * 70S * * ....1971
Francois Pancher 2015-05-16 @ 16:48:18
Supi !!!
Oli.K. aus H. 2015-04-27 @ 18:16:55
Ooh it makes me wonder Heart - Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors) : http://youtu.be/JK_DOJa99oo #Heart #AnnWilson #NancyWilson #StairwayToHeaven #LedZeppelin #Rock 
Tita Irzan 2015-02-25 @ 05:08:03
Sergej Palamarchuk 2015-04-29 @ 08:28:46
Get lost in this incredible performance by heart! ! Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors: https://youtu.be/JK_DOJa99oo #Soundsofsunday #whatshotongoogleplus #whatshot #hot #whatshotongoogle #hotnow #musicongoogle #music 
Jasmina G. 2015-03-04 @ 05:47:33
Is it just me, or did Robert Plant not look very impressed?
R Watkins 2015-03-16 @ 23:17:14
Reminder of just what powerhouses Zeppelin were. The drumming on this version was great, they really captured the raw sound that Bonham had. Hearing a female voice pushing out the higher notes of the final outro section, shows just how powerful and incredible Robert Plants voice really was. Good version. 
Christopher Anthony 2015-04-29 @ 01:34:51
IMHO, this is THE best cover ever! So much work was put into this just in adding the instrumentals and choir alone. Seeing Robert Plant moved by this made me tear up. Amazing performance!
MaTtRoSiTy 2014-12-19 @ 16:42:58
Now that this Song / Video I shared quite some months ago, has caused quite some discussion and a good deal of interest, with quite a lot of good feed-back.... I feel to Share it again with the same sentiments as before, from Me personally. And just would like to add this time, that; "I really do not know if anyone can actually "buy" a Stairway to Heaven, so to speak and in a manner of speaking.... But I do believe that there is a Heaven, somewhere.... And is a place that a creator does dwell.... But as for My own wanting to be giving any more of an interpretation than that so as to try and convince people that there is such a place and be dogmatic about it all.... And the like.... I just simply hope that My words will be interpreted as simply just giving this Song / Video some Praise of My own, once again.... And hope that many more people will Re-Share this most awesome song if they want too?.... And so be something of a great listening time of great enjoyment, without any religious overtones?, if you want? But still leave the Door open so to speak, if any one wants to comment again or share their thoughts again"?
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