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pkay dennis 2015-04-07 @ 10:43:21
This made me cry. What happened to Ghana
Magda Yuksel 2013-01-08 @ 23:03:36
Kwame Nkrumah was the greatest. Better than Mandela.
EASTSIDEGANSTA1 2012-01-04 @ 21:28:03
kwame lived at the zoo
amatyable 2012-07-29 @ 11:26:20
This is not the worst one could hear. What about their claims of Godhood? The problem is cleverness. We are not technologically enlightened or united. If we were not divided, white people wouldnt have chance to invade us easily as they did. And Africans have no idea of what we have discovered from YT. This is not fiction but real. If you tell home pple, they will call you racist and embrace white men, Cowards. Merda =shit. These gods have many children with the inferior black women, thieves.
afroblack1000 2011-06-13 @ 05:05:59
Ghanas Bauxite wasnt good enough? Bullshit. From the African context, foreign aid was and still is a tool of semi colonial control Nkrumah held the right ideas, unfortunately he relied too much on the West for development,. Semi colonialism and its African proxy will always stagnate the development of Africa. Africa must trade all its resources through its own common currency and under its terms. This will guarantee the savings for domestic investment that will push it forward.
peasah2005 2010-04-15 @ 11:17:16
Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah lives amongst the African family unity struggle. Nkrumah was sharp, full of heart and fire. Nkrumah wasnt about fighting for freedom later, but now. This was a man who was a great mentor, leader and hero. Nkrumah wrote so many books and my favourite has to be the Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare.
Wasembo1 2013-09-21 @ 18:22:09
I agree with you afroblack
julo19 2012-04-22 @ 04:23:06
im with you, sankara said the same the so called foreign aid is neo-colonialism. power to the people!
afroblack1000 2012-02-22 @ 01:20:00
@Kalydosos .Ur very welcome my friend
lord cartus 2012-05-20 @ 11:38:20
what did he deserve?
afroblack1000 2013-09-21 @ 21:30:12
ur welcome
jazzy anderson 2012-11-02 @ 06:12:00
Black Power
Kalydosos 2012-02-21 @ 16:03:21
@afroblack1000 Without a doubt this is one of the most sensible statements Ive read.
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Added  2009-08-02
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