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Grub Guardians - Gold Medal on Krokosphinx

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awesome giraffe 2014-02-21 @ 21:29:39
thx for helping me Jason Goldriver
TT Gaming 2014-07-13 @ 20:22:53
Jeyadave Nuntha Kumar 2014-04-12 @ 22:24:00
try using other types of pets instead of all myth. you can add a few fire so the colossal warriors will die faster. nd storm works too. do not, DO NOT use death UNLESS you are using a lot of death but still myth works better because its a lot cheaper and you can get higher coin values after the battle. I am telling you this from my own experience. P.S. I got a gold on this one
andrew dickey 2014-02-20 @ 03:51:16
Possibly we dont have that pet
тαтιαηα 2014-05-06 @ 15:45:45
Didnt work. And I have an epic coldfire dragon.
cumva si atat 2014-01-01 @ 12:09:37
doesnt work
TheEitvas 2012-03-11 @ 15:00:09
Mark Chen 2012-03-29 @ 18:14:46
Life towers decrease the towers cool down time. An epic/ rank 5 one is best, decreasing it by 100%. This is why most skilled people use epic life pets. IMO this is a bad strategy. I can easily beat it with 3 medusas 1 rebirth 2 ices and 2 skeletal dragons. Since when were trolls the best? I have never even had 1 close call with my strategy
RhinoLWwizard1674 2012-03-31 @ 00:27:56
Baby life pets arent very good...
Jason Goldriver 2012-02-03 @ 19:07:22
KingsIsle has said that you may need a higher level pet for tough tracks like this one. You could try a lower level life pet, or any other higher level pet, otherwise, youll probably need to raise your pet before completing the track. Good luck!
soccerwiz998 2012-02-15 @ 01:22:49
I have ancient ice hound. doesnt work :/ lost 2nd wave
RhinoLWwizard1674 2012-04-01 @ 22:21:50
Ok, I really just thought, "trolololololololololololololol" because why would you use trolls instead of medusas? They are so much more worth it, I mean, you wont get a gold medal on trial of spheres if you use trolls.
iTzHawk821x 2012-03-11 @ 17:10:19
Swordroll, what exactly does the life tower/monsters do?
Halfbluemoon1 2012-10-09 @ 11:13:45
Looks really awesome! Keep it up! :D
megad1001 2012-02-08 @ 23:12:58
@TheTina541 try a adult or ancient pet of fire no ice or life or balance it wont work out well
Deaf Tuna 2012-02-04 @ 16:16:14
I have a baby Unicorn, and it doesnt work either...
Daniel nedialkov 2012-03-17 @ 19:53:25
this doesnt workyou have to have his skills
Son Goku 2013-05-31 @ 05:58:22
Yes, now how exactly do I do this without a mega fire zilla
TheEitvas 2012-03-11 @ 14:59:42
i failed the first wave thaks to you it dont work for me storm beetle
Epic Patrick 2012-03-17 @ 02:28:09
Will it work for an epic storm hound?
RhinoLWwizard1674 2012-03-31 @ 00:27:29
Ice hounds are ice, course it didnt work
Luke Spiritfriend 2013-07-28 @ 17:40:05
What level should the Pet be?
RhinoLWwizard1674 2012-03-31 @ 00:27:14
No, storm hounds are storm, and they are much weaker than fire pets, and far weaker than what life pets do.
Deaf Tuna 2012-02-03 @ 18:20:07
I have a teen dragon ant this doesnt work for me. Any suggestions?
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