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Jack & Raf Play: My Little Foundation: Containment Is Magic (SCP:CB)

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Elliott Colledge 2014-06-15 @ 09:47:31
is it bad that i love toms voice? and im a guy.
TheDerped Flutterpie 2014-09-14 @ 19:11:17
The Pinkie in the far right bottom corner in the title screen is my YouTube image. ....... :-) 
jessica last 2014-05-10 @ 14:30:49
play luna games 
medusa775 2014-01-31 @ 01:15:46
Pinkie did go insane in smile HD so I dont see what the problem is
jessica last 2014-05-10 @ 14:30:26
poor jack
VinylScratch Pony 2014-02-19 @ 17:59:36
They said pinkie is best ponie well they are going to get a suprise about what pinkie does to you
MajorMayhemX 2014-01-31 @ 00:16:54
Jackmod fr SCP. My little Jackie. Applejack is magic*
ThatBronyWithaFace FaUn 2014-01-12 @ 15:09:09
how do you put whats on the computer on a big screen?
ShadorZ56 2013-12-26 @ 06:04:47
Jason Shaffer 2013-12-24 @ 10:40:59
Wow these guys are a bit wuss... I played this and didnt bat an eye....
thatgamerdude gamin 2013-12-10 @ 22:29:34
mobiuszero 2013-12-02 @ 17:28:20
jack play this again now!!! return to the gates of horror and I dare you or raf to play
Kazuma Akimoto 2014-02-15 @ 06:32:02
I am sad n happy at the same time
Logan Pacey 2013-07-19 @ 04:32:42
You are not rainbow dash in this mod. She is scp 106. Rarity is 049, fluttershy is 096, pinkie is 173, twilight is the toilet ghost, and aj i dont know. I guess in this game ou ate applejack
PinkiePieFan100 2013-06-16 @ 06:52:30
Let me get this straight,your rainbow dash in this mod?
tay thompson 2013-05-30 @ 21:14:50
Say Small Horse Will Continue Next Week 2 MONTHS LATER looks to see if they made a new small horse video Me: *Facepalm*
PrimevalRomance serpintine 2013-08-23 @ 02:12:34
fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun die
Nitro Kitty 2013-07-24 @ 01:33:47
dont look away & dont blink, bink and your died good luck. dose any get what its from cuse i do :3
LordBison98 2013-08-13 @ 09:16:00
Twilight Sparkle is SCP-914.
Zaroshy 2013-04-18 @ 15:05:20
12:48 jack you look so innocent and terrified.... cant blame you
marcus gobson 2013-05-27 @ 00:14:00
nightimegamer57 2013-08-29 @ 05:13:58
Matthew The Wolf 2013-06-15 @ 02:34:10
Saw that one coming
Mienecho Oraceon 2013-06-24 @ 21:00:12
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to JackTHerbert
Added  2013-03-16
From  JackTHerbert
Raf plays My Little Foundation: Containment Is Magic while I watch. It's way too much for us, we can't get very far before we stop. The Small Horse will continue next week. Download the mod for SCP for My Little Foundation: Containment Is Magic here: http://scpcbgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&a (more)
Category  Gaming

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Showing 1-25 of 13337 See All Videos
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