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Micic00 2014-11-16 @ 23:32:04
Doesnt work on new versions.
Mike Millett 2015-01-29 @ 01:45:49
Isaac Morh 2014-12-16 @ 18:38:41
hi it dosen work sd
Aiden Jordan 2014-08-29 @ 16:36:20
What is it
Panda Gaming CS:GO & More! 2014-11-29 @ 12:50:53
what version
Marcus Jensen 2014-10-12 @ 15:26:14
what version?
Impman 2222 2014-07-30 @ 05:24:25
Lol are you using a camera to record this? Buy fraps noob.
CMOAKES18 PLAYS BF4 2014-04-27 @ 17:26:17
this doesnt work wtf mate
Eric L 2014-08-16 @ 17:39:52
good job at finding a nice island surival seed with a tree on it at spawn, but If anyone is looking for a hard survival seed, you gave away hints on how to survive. Although of course, they can just stop the video and go give it a try like I did ;-) for a survival request, you should showcase what makes it difficult instead of advantages. Personally, i think Seed #4 is the hardest natural map youll find out there. It spawns you in the middle of an ocean and its EXTREMELY hard to not starve to death before you ever find wood or any food sources. After starving to death on that map at least 10 times, I finally decided to check it out with flying privileges on. It only has 3 trees on the entire map, and only a few Mycelium islands
Alexis McDonald 2014-05-02 @ 20:03:53
whats the seed ya
The ElVeN 2014-04-03 @ 12:28:50
Why in my minecraft the seeds dont work :( ?
callum jephcott 2014-02-12 @ 15:23:07
I spawned on land so were do I go
Ohayez_gaming_vlogs 2014-04-19 @ 17:46:17
what version is this
Dop122 2014-01-10 @ 19:10:04
Lol when you load this up on Xbox 360 its surrounded by Mushroom Islands.
Mile Monster 2013-12-22 @ 05:17:59
the seed is 8700829340959843130
Dust514rocks 2013-11-23 @ 23:39:08
there is also a dungeon underneath the small island. There is also a cave underneath the main island with 6 iron & 18 coal. If you dig around the cave you will find a dungeon as well.
Dust514rocks 2013-11-23 @ 23:32:48
666oddworld666 2013-11-04 @ 05:52:15
The seed is 344022224 if u dont want to watch the video to find it
Chonginn15 2013-03-06 @ 05:44:35
Can you get two cows on hardcore
Ethan Dobbie 2013-07-22 @ 15:40:01
It Works So Shut Up :).
xXEmanjiXx 2013-07-07 @ 17:27:42
Thanks, its great :D
Zachthegamer98 2013-02-08 @ 02:55:59
Bread, fish apples, and rotten flesh are all possible food sources. Bread of coarse being the most reliable of the 4.
Chazzers TheBritshGamer 2013-06-15 @ 18:36:25
Hugo Castro 2013-08-07 @ 18:09:46
I found a mooshroom island....
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