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POPULAR MMOS!!!!!! 2014-12-13 @ 08:08:05
lol 11:09
Nero0 2014-03-25 @ 16:55:10
"Mind if I use the E.A.T.S. Road on my server? If so, thanks!" So if Etho has a problem with him using the E.A.T.S. Road, thanks! o.O I didnt see no skelton.
Shawn Miller 2014-10-28 @ 20:07:32
I hate the silverfish farm so much. Its super boring so I just skip these kinds of episodes 
Vinicius Lambardozzi 2014-02-10 @ 20:48:19
Shut up and feel the lag :P
Callum Hayne 2014-06-02 @ 19:07:48
Etho. Which computer do you have. My fps are rubbish
Jamie mcleod 2014-04-29 @ 02:16:33
I wish they could put appropriate advertisements in your channel as well, Ive noticed a few lately that used the f word and even the n word often.. shame they have to use such vulgar language to sell their product...
medanman62 2014-02-15 @ 14:14:00
U could add a full diamond shovel, it is a way to trick the system
Swillie Rick 2014-03-07 @ 03:38:13
Anyone see the glitching slimes at 24:09 
thekidfrombrooklyn 2014-04-17 @ 22:20:15
I saw the skele down with the silverfish
UberNooberNoober 2014-04-20 @ 02:52:28
11:16 JETPACK!
AdvancedGaming 86 2014-03-31 @ 23:35:01
thats about my normal frame rate, but only on his world download
Vinicius Lambardozzi 2014-02-10 @ 20:31:25
05:02 Like a Boss kkk
stom88997766 2014-01-06 @ 12:18:55
The magical wood breaking shovel 
Endermaster2001 Minecraft and more! 2013-12-11 @ 17:43:20
hey etho nice slide show
Marioandhumor75 2014-01-15 @ 20:55:26
Etho, you sound so weird in this video and I dont think it is the new computer. It sounds like you are somewhat depressed? Are you sick or something???
Zyrus 2014-01-03 @ 16:18:10
14:11 theres a skeleton inside XD
Coleman Marc 2014-05-26 @ 17:06:13
Hey etho can I use ur stuff u make on here in my lp Im soon going to do because I wanting to help u get more subs u diserver more subs and I would like to have them on my xbox 360 if theyll work or because Im smart anough I could make it so they will work:-) . If so ur awesome even if u say no ur sill awesome
Master Chief 2014-05-03 @ 19:40:21
The lag is real...
Haze .IsCool 2013-12-30 @ 01:17:36
Do the silverfish respawn? If so how?
FearedPotatoMC 2014-01-03 @ 20:12:51
Thats why I dont work for etho he will kill me when I get fired
MrSuperCrazymonkey 2013-02-25 @ 03:09:33
Sliverfish rampage
AtotheKnowles 2013-04-22 @ 02:49:30
Because in this version of Minecraft it was quicker than using an axe :)
Tony Zerjavic 2013-04-27 @ 01:30:03
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pig man
DDDEVILDUCK 2013-03-24 @ 01:59:23
you are right as long as its 360p or above because any lower you cant see anything :)
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