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Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods 2013 Movie Villain Info & Side Characters

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Crustyguildmaster 2013-02-08 @ 04:07:47
you must have killed so many grammar nazis in your day...
Enraged Reventón 2013-02-13 @ 19:28:25
tell me what episode or movie ubb apeared on DBZ and ill believe you
PKNimbus 2013-02-24 @ 23:42:25
I guess Scewattacks needs to do a rematch.
aditorium1 2013-02-19 @ 16:02:11
@Son Goku Super man kicked your ass shut up
Rize Robinson 2013-03-31 @ 06:53:39
For your information dummy it IS true toriyama himself said that goku would indeed transform into Super Saiyan God but we still wonder if their is a transformation for gohan and vegeta.
bontequer 2013-04-15 @ 12:23:04
its legit i have tested it
Luis Rojas 2013-09-17 @ 06:31:36
Watch part 1 on my channel
pavsingh 2013-03-15 @ 21:51:32
This guy sounds so excited! Not saying Im not
woodentree23 2013-04-11 @ 17:05:08
Yo thanks!
Lee Everett 2013-09-23 @ 01:20:27
There is No Villain..just a god who was curious..bills acted like a mix of goku and vegeta
mun choi 2013-02-05 @ 22:16:25
Its right after buus defeat. And before world tournament. I got the fact from article that had interview from Akira toriama.
Rize Robinson 2013-04-13 @ 05:04:16
Ssjgotenks2009 it is not a one time transformation for goku because all you have to do is gather energy from six pure saiyans to become a super saiyan God he could do it again take time to think about it before replying
itnsk 2013-02-28 @ 03:01:31
super saiyan god was announced
signerleo snyder 2013-02-05 @ 21:43:04
draogn fist wont work on vegtio it wont kill vegtio biils is strogner then vegtio so draon fist wont work
AntheranIndustries 2013-03-13 @ 06:09:16
Me personally i wont consider this,canon its just way to late and conflicts with other things imo but whatevs more dbz is more dbz i aint complaining except i wish the designs of the villians could have looked a little cooler i liked his original villains like bojack, broly hirudegan etc
carlos tamayo 2013-02-11 @ 19:13:46
is this gunna be in Japanese????
Matt Sinz 2013-06-23 @ 12:42:27
its totally a cat not a rabbit
USSJ307 2013-02-13 @ 03:55:00
its fake
Mike Mantel 2013-02-05 @ 22:29:10
Can someone just answer This question....Will this movie be dubbed in English ever???
Overkrooke 2013-02-17 @ 13:27:05
anubis its a cat an egyptian god
Bati Tsogtsaikhan 2013-05-24 @ 06:48:04
is that you, Urgot?
kinhpad4 2013-03-04 @ 11:39:50
You guys should not say anything about man
Metalchrome 2013-02-20 @ 02:47:26
Are people really commenting just to insult this guys appearence or life style...thats just sad I bet a majority of the people saying that arent lookers themselves and dont know how to be themselves. This guy is just an otaku, and jokes on you ignorant people He probably has move views than all of your videos
Mark Salvador 2013-05-19 @ 17:16:18
ho care what ur talking about all i need is to watch that not ur freaking face
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Added  2012-11-11
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Are You Excited 4 This Movie? What Do You Think of The Villain? Looking Forward To Those Side Characters Returning? Link To Poster Info: http://images.saiyanisland.com/data/602/Dragon-Ball-Z-Battle-of-Gods.jpg Link To Side Character: http://www.kanzenshuu.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/new_movie_ (more)
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