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BO2: Hiding Spots + Glitches on Carrier

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David Perez 2014-04-06 @ 21:59:17
I did some type of glitch and i fell in water and never died
Guðmundur Gauti Eysteinsson 2014-03-29 @ 11:52:04
the combat axe spot, would it count as long shot?
Hopplessriver25 2012-12-28 @ 01:06:48
Nice spots and glitches
anglin2536 2012-12-10 @ 04:21:50
At 1:17 there is out be hind you. You have to jump on until you get on a barrier :-)
Bihc The Tank 2012-12-22 @ 21:56:53
because its not a glitch ahah
Helen Bearchild 2013-07-07 @ 00:23:55
Add me bacterialboar
Nathan Cartledge 2013-05-02 @ 13:22:13
ANNALISHAD1 2013-07-11 @ 02:22:46
I wonder if they work on wiiU
M3RKMUS1C 2012-12-09 @ 18:19:39
Oooooooo yeaaaaaa
iTZz Meiky 2013-07-12 @ 19:49:33
thats a knife lunge retard! he even explains that!
xLEG1TxGAMINGx 2012-12-08 @ 23:02:31
Yes! Nobody can say "first" now :D
FaZe Clan 2012-12-09 @ 02:43:36
Omg merk commented back I <3 u merk total homo
Morgan Thomas 2013-07-06 @ 16:52:53
U bullshit u did noclip ur crap
CODBlackOps2Cheats 2012-12-08 @ 23:14:58
Those combat axe spots are very useful!
UmbreonTheDragonBorn 2012-12-08 @ 23:10:41
Oooh but i can FIRST yeah i just said it even though im not
Joshua Franco 2013-07-06 @ 20:43:23
Add me as a friend smoothveejr
james kunst 2013-08-17 @ 00:07:48
You can
MegaDman360 2012-12-10 @ 02:15:01
what button layout do you use
Bleachkiller224 2012-12-10 @ 04:39:02
thank you mark now i well have more fun playing Black op 2 u make the best videos
FinalShocker707 2012-12-15 @ 22:42:05
I think Dy5function or Im Marksman said that if you lay down near the firetruck behind the green barrel on the side with the jets, you can see to the other side of the map, all props and things on the map just LITERALLY disappear! Its useful in SnD if you have a mic.
M3RKMUS1C 2012-12-09 @ 08:42:04
Playing split screen offline, you have to delete the patch in order to do knife lunges. If you go back online, you have to re-download the patch.
LEBRON HOPS 2013-08-23 @ 17:15:47
instead of a axe can you yous a gernade
Hardcorem80 2013-06-04 @ 18:41:06
Check out my channel
100paddypower 2013-05-08 @ 17:19:30
Your a really big help for me to kill them campers are you on Xbox360
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