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Tobias Brown 2015-04-12 @ 21:26:28
Can you still knife lunge?
Matt Knight 2015-06-21 @ 09:07:43
make me friend on xbox extr3m3 monst3r
Scap attack 2014-09-26 @ 15:06:15
Merkmusic can you friend me on xbox my gamer tag is scappattack
Emailaden . 2014-10-14 @ 19:54:02
If you crouch, there is a spot where you can see through the barrier to your left at 2:16. Then you can pick off people at A-flag. +M3RKMUS1C 
JackCraft- - - -Gaming Videos 2014-08-01 @ 09:39:37
I know this has nothing to do with this video but does anyone know how I can change my username on YouTube. Plus if you want to add me on Xbox my gt is R00NEY06
David Perez 2014-04-06 @ 21:59:17
I did some type of glitch and i fell in water and never died
Shakir vlogs 2014-09-12 @ 08:15:49
Dude are you friends z41n1e on ps3
jeffcombes 2014-05-28 @ 03:49:53
I found one on my own it is by the choppa you go prone on the tube go to the right and u can see almost all of the map and its more effective than this 
Hopplessriver25 2012-12-28 @ 01:06:48
Nice spots and glitches
anglin2536 2012-12-10 @ 04:21:50
At 1:17 there is out be hind you. You have to jump on until you get on a barrier :-)
Bihc the Tank 2012-12-22 @ 21:56:53
because its not a glitch ahah
Helen Bearchild 2013-07-07 @ 00:23:55
Add me bacterialboar
Nathan Cartledge 2013-05-02 @ 13:22:13
ANNALISHAD1 2013-07-11 @ 02:22:46
I wonder if they work on wiiU
M3RKMUS1C 2012-12-09 @ 18:19:39
Oooooooo yeaaaaaa
Ein Toast 2013-07-12 @ 19:49:33
thats a knife lunge retard! he even explains that!
xLEG1TxGAMINGx 2012-12-08 @ 23:02:31
Yes! Nobody can say "first" now :D
FaZe Clan 2012-12-09 @ 02:43:36
Omg merk commented back I <3 u merk total homo
Frozen Myk 2013-07-06 @ 16:52:53
U bullshit u did noclip ur crap
N7Garrus 2012-12-08 @ 23:10:41
Oooh but i can FIRST yeah i just said it even though im not
Joshua Franco 2013-07-06 @ 20:43:23
Add me as a friend smoothveejr
james kunst 2013-08-17 @ 00:07:48
You can
MegaDman360 2012-12-10 @ 02:15:01
what button layout do you use
FinalShocker707 2012-12-15 @ 22:42:05
I think Dy5function or Im Marksman said that if you lay down near the firetruck behind the green barrel on the side with the jets, you can see to the other side of the map, all props and things on the map just LITERALLY disappear! Its useful in SnD if you have a mic.
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Showing 1-25 of 13337 See All Videos
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