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Black Ops 2 - How to Prestige! Permanent Unlock Token, Awards, Weapon Tag and Emblem (Tutorial)

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ianrolando1253 2014-09-29 @ 00:58:55
My permanent wont unlock Please Help :(
Mikazuki Mace 2014-07-06 @ 18:13:53
so which one??
space3773 2014-04-06 @ 23:37:21
Even a noob wouldnt click restart
MrBuhner 2014-05-09 @ 21:02:20
damn I should of looked here long ago I am finaly at 3rd prestige or second I think cause I wiped out my entire stats and emblems everything from now on I will only use the 1st prestige unlock then maybe extra class
Bench Norma 2014-02-28 @ 16:22:24
The best AT&T phone unlocking service is attiphoneunlocking.
Anderson Martinez 2014-02-13 @ 19:39:08
I did what u did
MrHamstercat 2013-01-19 @ 01:19:15
U still have all attachments unlock when u unlock gun
RaggarN1000 2013-03-04 @ 15:38:15
Thnx :D
Gelooper 2013-04-04 @ 13:16:23
blinded_in_chains 2013-02-03 @ 09:05:21
I prestiged to 1st & unlocked the create a class. i cant pick any of my custom guns OR create a class. HELP
helloand FTW 2013-04-10 @ 11:23:21
SuperExplosiveTnt 2013-01-11 @ 22:11:08
Help! i dont see the perm unlock thing in create a class! i just see unlock tokens!!!!!
Aedin Igisomar 2013-08-22 @ 18:23:48
i prestige 3 times but the prestige awards was still locked
Bernardoco11 2013-01-21 @ 03:49:23
can someone answer him? i need help too
Jaden Allbritton 2013-01-20 @ 23:20:38
*facepalm* Thats what is supposed to happen, if you dont like it then dont play it
Kellerw2000 2013-03-07 @ 02:58:10
hes on pc
travis crabtree 2013-02-26 @ 01:04:02
I did the same thing !!!! I thought when I did refund tokens I would get all 55 back that I got from level 1-55.......I expected to have 55 to spend and had 0 because I was prestige 1... Thanks for this video because of the 10 I watched before this 8 picked CAC and 2 reset all stats... This is one that explains refund tokens...
TheOGSwiftz 2013-03-07 @ 03:57:10
trollcommentsinc 2013-01-27 @ 20:33:46
I got a message saying "your online stats have been reset". But, all it did was delete my progress on my gold knife camo, and my red dot progression, and give me a bunch of player cards I never had (founder of COD elite, etc.), and now I cant permanently unlock anything anymore. What is this?
TotallyNotObsessed 2013-10-16 @ 16:00:06
Apparently theres a way to keep normal tokens from your previous prestige?
Kim vetås 2013-01-08 @ 19:36:26
u talk a lot !
CurlyHeadKings 2013-08-22 @ 20:40:58
ForceablePlace 2013-02-25 @ 09:43:37
Sorry for my comment below about presteged, my iPhone 5s auto correct messed up the whole comment xD I said I presteged at lunch time and instead of AMA I ment "am"
Johnny Tightlips 2013-04-24 @ 23:46:17
that depends on what platform youre playing on... message me with details for help if you read this and you still havent figured it out
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