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Minecraft 1.8 Hopper Block Duplication Glitch Tutorial

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TheSaltyWaifuPlays 2015-02-15 @ 12:25:12
Julien, Meik is right. This was uploading in 2013, a full year and 2 months before 1.8 was out. Hes just uploading the title so he can get views. Its quite idiotic to do this, and I think your the noob for not realising what hes doing. Just looking at the publish date says it all. 
Meik Tranel 2014-10-15 @ 01:46:27
Updating the patch in the title to keep people clicking your videos. Good job on presenting what an asshole you are. Go fuck yourself.
Braden Boulay 2014-11-13 @ 05:11:19
Ps it wasent 1.8 a year ago
Tracker Jacker 2015-01-13 @ 02:05:24
Lol its a glitch for creative noob. Its the same thing for any stackable item that comes out of droppers and stuff. LOL you didnt think this through
Clipydog Koli 2015-01-18 @ 12:51:41
Thanks, lt worked for me like a charm.
BornLegendXD 2015-02-12 @ 11:03:31
Did anyone tried this on snapshot :P
Zac Saunders 2015-01-12 @ 00:21:48
OMG it work the dislike bottom does :/ it dont work
Ayumu aika 2015-01-04 @ 17:21:52
lol what a liar hes lying dont like this peace of shit its all a lie i tried to 10 times and it didnt work but when i clicked dislike button it worked all u do is click dislike :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Diamondman32 2014-03-11 @ 02:41:17
omg!!! it works!!! the dislike button works!
CreeperJockey X 2014-11-27 @ 18:49:43
does it work on servers and survival MINECRAFTdotNET?
Elph jaqueline 2014-11-01 @ 10:05:58
pffff Its a FAKE
Jaime Futter 2014-12-11 @ 17:03:38
that accent <3
Shanomando 2014-08-05 @ 17:41:36
It USED to work, many of my hopper clocks got broken due to this glitch because the comparator no longer changed state when one of the hoppers was empty. It generated 2, 4, even 7 items from a single item if you reloaded chunks and the game many times. It was in 1.8 snapshots. So stop saying its fake, it isnt. Maybe the newest snapshots fixed it (hopefully they did...)
Julian Hill 2014-03-29 @ 22:26:41
Stop fucking updating the title?
Taylor Zimmerman 2015-02-21 @ 01:37:35
lol /v??
We Are The Gamers 2014-12-15 @ 09:46:41
it dosent works on servers :(
Hamodi Atletico 2014-12-05 @ 17:45:03
How do you even build it :P?
WaffleWarrior 2014-12-21 @ 23:40:07
Very smooth cuts
Chuck Norris 2014-02-15 @ 17:24:58
At 1:25he says "that will slowly wake its may"
Doctor_Distructo_MineCraft 2014-11-23 @ 22:56:51
OMG IT WORKED THE DISLIKE BUTTON IS WORKING! Nice fake bruh 1.8 wasnt in 2013 <3
vTx RedNecK 2014-12-02 @ 23:51:54
Lol invisible guy nice try 
TheGreenTiger 2014-07-27 @ 21:49:06
I was the 900th like yay!!! 
Jonas Henrysson 2013-12-22 @ 15:16:12
its patched!
Francis Cajulis 2014-07-07 @ 21:21:54
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Added  2013-01-06
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