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Yardidol 2015-01-11 @ 17:28:20
Would it be OK if I masturbated to the girl on the bike?
OhhTaran 2015-06-08 @ 23:01:03
When I tried it... I got pepersprayed. Slapped. Kicked in the nuts. Dropkicked. Stabbed. Shot. Killed ( came back from the death... twice ) Tortured. Buried alive. Drowned. Tried it with an old nice GILF ya know? She had a fucking taser. Then she chopped of my head with a machete that she was hiding in her socks. But yeah... nice video
MrYnoter 2015-02-26 @ 22:54:22
3 cartons of milk & 5 packs of cheese?She be farting all day then
11gurkha 2015-04-20 @ 03:26:38
They all are sluts, nothing to be proud of getting their numbers
fgedg aerasr 2015-01-07 @ 21:41:59
you americans are so lucky ... guys in germany just can dream of something like this. gals here are grumpy, shy and unconfident as fuck. generally whole europe is fucked up like this, sucks so hard xD
Mario Balotelli 2015-03-22 @ 03:27:49
"Im Syrious!" 
Jhonatan Alejandro 2015-01-07 @ 17:19:57
I liked the Syrian girl haha
Dexter Morgan 2014-11-04 @ 02:09:22
Big booty white girls = Likes black dudes
etil hcir 2015-04-25 @ 23:35:12
women are so stupid to fall for this dumb shit. this dude is do desperate.imo .
TheGaoNan 2015-01-24 @ 22:08:46
i like that syrian girl, sexy, and not a stuck up bitch.
funnySPYvids 2015-06-28 @ 21:41:44
i have to admit black womans got BETTER asses (majority) :D
колян play 2015-02-11 @ 08:19:50
пиздец как легко можно склеить в америке телочку
Jim Keddy 2015-06-21 @ 19:37:38
BLOODSCREENING AND S T D testing , after of course
sasha johnson 2015-05-23 @ 15:26:28
In honor of 2015 memorial weekend I shall watch this again lol 
11gurkha 2015-04-26 @ 23:15:48
2:56 Biggest slut in the world... who shows the boobs to the strangers in public ??.. no man with the brain will ever marry her
Ayoub marketer 2015-06-04 @ 23:01:54
4:00 just like a zombie though ;)
Sven Kramer 2015-02-01 @ 17:55:10
Which song is that? 3:22
The_Gamer_SoS 2015-05-11 @ 20:19:21
Dyselxia 2015-05-28 @ 17:49:11
So when he does it, its okay but when I do it i get a restraining order.
alexg1ification 2015-07-01 @ 15:29:07
You the the coolest man..I like how you have the balls to Holla at some bad bitches..idk I guess no matter how corny you sound it dont matter if you look good..lucky ass mofo lol
Frankii3 2015-05-02 @ 08:59:49
i want EVERYONE to notice !! how vitaly ONLY gave his number to the girl that looked classy wearing a dress !!!!!! take note please. all of you whores. please,.
OrganizedMadnes 2015-06-02 @ 10:58:02
oh my fucking gawd!!!!
kyla tierra 2015-07-01 @ 07:44:42
Yooooo this is crazy Im litteraly just going through vitalys video and the lady that he asked to kiss her booty she saw me walking home one time from school in my neighborhood on crutches and got out her car and prayed for me we still keep in contact to this day thats craaazzzyyy she changed so much ... And I know its her BC she said her name , I didnt know she dressed like that compared to her now omg
ja ck 2015-07-01 @ 22:51:18
2:15 syria is on war now !! nope ?!
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Showing 1-25 of 13337 See All Videos
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