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Jeremy Li 2014-12-21 @ 21:00:08
....truth and discernment? Like the simple, but unacceptable, truth of Isaiah 45:7, which says, "I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil, I the Lord do all these things." How many christians accept this verse of the Word of God, for what it says. So, you see, the men are without excuse, are you, the believers? You stare the truth in the face and see what you want. You see angels with wings fighting other angels, with swords, but dont speak the truth that it is all symbolic, even the statues, and relics from around the world, that depict angels with wings, are also symbolic. Its all laid out in Genesis.. Genesis? The most incomplete, unclear, vague, book of them all. Such as, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." How about that. The creation of the Earth and the Universe "explained" in one verse. We wont reference anything that isnt consistent and supportive of the Holy Bible, you say? Everything must conform to the bible to you. Knowing that the bible is not even 2000 years old, that parts of it is copied from the other holy books, that John 1:3 (He has made all things...) is written on the wall of the Temple of the Sun at Philae and on the gate of the Temple of the Sun at Medinet Habu, for 3500 years.... How do you claim to speak the truth then, Professor Truth? Reading a lot of books provides a lot of information, but few offer any interpretation. So, that belongs to the wise, and those people dont post videos on youtube "teaching" others.what THEY beLIEve to be the truth! Eternal life....Where? In heaven? Where there are streets of gold....Doesnt that imply physicality. So heaven is a physical place to you. Did you think of a piece of scripture, such as, "heavens and earth shall pass away" when you play with the words "eternal life? in your mind? Could it be that eternal life is the greatest curse? Andromeda and Milky Way will collide someday, scientists say. Do you want to stick around for that, and see in the news, "the first stars have entered our solar system....we will stay on the air for as long as possible..." Have you ever considered that you have lost your ability to think objectively. Salvation? When I see old people that have reached old age and never received anything from above, have struggled with illness, lack on every level all their lives, or, believers dying of cancer, have all sorts of issues, poor relationships...etc, and no one ever receives anything from God, I see what is, which is the opposite of what youre preaching. So, God does nothing tangible for his believers here and now, yet you believe in a great salvation when all odds are against you, to me you are not thinking. Christianity therefore equals surrendering of reason. Then, youre talking of predestination? What a thin line of subjectivity youre treading on. I was a believer. I was there for 4 decades, I did more for the Lord and what I believed in than most believers ever will, still a long shot from Dan Barker (see his book, Godless) but I never saw the "blessing" of the Lord in my life any more than a Hindu or a Muslim do in theirs. Your point of view is subjective and therefore true, to you, but to the greater picture you are dead wrong.
Lane Smith 2015-03-30 @ 03:34:55
Did Lucifer have a choice or was he created to be the polishing stone from the get go?
Cat Combies 2014-07-31 @ 17:22:16
love, love, love. listening for the 3rd time and will probably listen again. 
Velma Jinkys 2014-05-13 @ 07:45:40
I remember hearing that satans jealousy stemmed from his being angry after discovering he had to serve humans. Not saying that it is correct just sayin that is one thing I heard and never not once have I ever heard reference to lucifer becoming out of control when finding out about Jesus the Son 
Velma Jinkys 2014-05-13 @ 07:34:38
So where do the dinosaurs fit into all of this? I have noticed luceferian PBS has been pushing dinosaur theme on their audience. and the cartoon that I think is pretty new stress the idea that all dinosaurs interact with each other. Meateaters, omnivores, herbivores: all of them hang out and are one big happy family
Velma Jinkys 2014-05-13 @ 07:41:15
I recognize the theme which involves introducing our children into international no boarders acceptance so to bring in their new world order is prevalent in all their themes.
N8ZU 2013-12-18 @ 01:33:59
the word of God is not written in tablets of clay but on the hearts and minds of mankind Alas a tree that dears bad fruit cannot give you good fruit. And a tree that bears good fruit cannot bear bad fruit
nopackdrill 2012-12-08 @ 23:39:31
wow @ 44:30 re. inverse fibonacci sequence is 7 days from Source perspective, 15.2 bil yrs from ours (Torah IS written by a spatio-temporally transc. being), i read a similar thing in Neale Donald Walsches Conversations w/ God trilogy, God tells him that essentially creationism & evolutionary theory arent mutually exclusive (operative word being essentially b/c in part they, ipso facto, are). The Gnostic John Lamb Lash says 10 mins in Gaias subjective consciousness is several days in ours
EndeavorFreedom 2012-12-10 @ 23:55:08
Montauk monster found in NY...
nopackdrill 2012-12-08 @ 23:58:18
predestinated is perfectly acceptable in any case - its just the past participle, past tense of predestinate
PrincessDvorah 2013-05-31 @ 18:04:27
how do you know if you are a wheat or a tare?
makeitbeats21 2013-07-15 @ 21:27:17
If you have knowledge of Yehoshua the Son of God, and have faith in Him that He died and raised on the third day and will return to harvest us, you are a wheat. The tares reject Yehoshua the Son of God completely.
robert holt 2012-12-21 @ 01:49:58
zen, stand corrected...as said; i am thrilled by whats being revealed...the Kingdom is truly being established in our hearts...mahalo for the correction....my humble apology...want the book...aloha
makeitbeats21 2013-07-15 @ 21:23:44
Robert if you research Revelation you will see that we are harvested, and then come again with Yehoshua when He establishes His kingdom. Rev 14:14-16 talks about how the earth is reaped. Rev 19:11-14 show that Yehoshua comes a third time on a white horse with all the faithful with Him. The second coming is in the *clouds* (Matthew 24), when the kingdom is established Yehoshua is on a white horse. Two separate events. There is no pre trib secret rapture. Its a second coming harvest.
YAHUWAHISKING 2012-12-09 @ 01:36:31
“Henceforth, from the treaty that divides my holy city, Jerusalem and the day upon which the house of Judah commences the sacrifice, I will anoint my people of the house of Judah who believe on my Son and on the house of Israel who believe on my Son, to prophecy to America, and all the earth for twelve hundred and three score days to this nations and all the nations who would conspire to wipe out my people and the nation of Israel."
nopackdrill 2012-12-09 @ 11:10:00
yes, i doubt theyre intrinsically evil, think its a cultural virus, a really nasty petty streak that manifests at the slightest provocation only when i encounter something undeserving, something pretentious / counterfeit for e.g, w/ others who dont know the difference praising it. am i impelled to stick the boot in, in an effort to expose it as unworthy, but anything honest, sincere & of the very highest calibre as these discourses are, then only constructive /reasoned input is ever justified
EndeavorFreedom 2013-05-23 @ 18:21:45
I never put a timeline on anything I just said that the sign of Revelation 12 is important and that it aligns with the day of Sept 23rd 2017. What takes place on that date is anyones guess...
Emily Stylez 2013-05-23 @ 18:51:31
Thank you for clarifying this for me. Forgive me if I came off in a negative way. With so many teachings out there I was concerned. I enjoy listening to these messages and I share it with friends and family all the time. For years Ive have always mentioned to my family that there was more than what churches were teaching and my father felt the same way. We thank you for your work and God bless you!
nopackdrill 2012-12-09 @ 00:16:08
1:29:10 my subtle dig antennae twitched; whether ppl read prolifically or not at all you shd still upload such valuable, seminal, discourse to youtube
Emily Stylez 2013-05-23 @ 17:29:17
I only have a problem with "man" putting an exact date on the end time scenario. I will pray about it because a lot of what is in this message makes sense to me. But God said not even the Angels know the hour or the day. So why do we continue to put a timeline together that over n over has been proven in time to be in correct.
Nicole Richard 2012-12-10 @ 22:22:25
I have always said&felt, I didnt belong here. 4the longest of time I didnt want2b here. Suicidal? NO! My memory breaks through2things& times I cant explain but are undeniable. I become angry, I feel robbed! I refuse2sit in another church. I may b wrong,God will correct me if I am. It just makes me sick2c masses of people being misled. I was one of those people. I Thank God for his RIGHTOUS LEADERS&TEACHERS& HUMBLE SERVANTS like,Zen,Kijani,Jon&Clay,ProfessorTruth!
nopackdrill 2012-12-08 @ 22:16:24
You are suffering from Extreme Pettiness Syndrome, an uninhibited tendency to focus on minor details and blow them up out of all sane proportion. People w/ your affliction are variously dissatisfied w/ their lives. You need to address the cause of your dissatisfaction or youll continue reacting negatively to those making a positive and important contribution infecting others w/ your toxic feedback.
Nicole Richard 2012-12-10 @ 22:04:33
Zen 32:32 what is this a picture of?
EndeavorFreedom 2012-12-21 @ 00:31:03
Last day last trump I dont support a rapture in my work.
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