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KYR SP33DY - Set Up Video! (My Temporary Gaming Set Up)

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InflamablePanda 2014-04-12 @ 08:56:15
PS3 uses hdmi as well so...
jooshep1 2014-03-19 @ 23:12:10
is that the blue snowball or the blue snowball ice?
TheTuckerMan26 2014-02-03 @ 18:09:24
MSI Laptop!
Bread Cat 2014-01-26 @ 18:53:59
Coo Clan 2014-01-28 @ 21:21:18
I have the Roxio pro
BigDaddyWurst 2014-01-28 @ 18:29:56
you should really buy a mini itx machine for rendering. theyre small and strong (like asian dicks)
hazzerMovieInk 2014-02-27 @ 22:09:06
Does Sp33dy still use his X12s 
Mattsbro 2013-12-30 @ 03:50:03
im buying a roxio right now on the phone too them i hope its good for 160 dollars australian :O
ShocksWave 2014-01-24 @ 06:48:10
can anyone tell me if kyr speedy still uses the roxio?
S-Play Production 2013-12-26 @ 22:39:04
i have that capture card now but it not working plz help
GoldenCode 2014-04-18 @ 20:03:25
Whos a good bird?
Owen Franco 2014-04-10 @ 00:30:57
what inch is that tv thanks by the way
Dogmanswwag3 2014-04-09 @ 01:44:35
I have the roxio game capture
Michael Woollams 2014-03-24 @ 20:26:13
i have a toshiba C50 its pretty good for gaming 
Gracey LaHue 2014-03-27 @ 01:00:58
Thats cool love your vids
Michael Smith 2014-01-14 @ 02:44:45
why do you dont like PlayStation network
evilpineapple 2013-12-31 @ 21:40:45
How do you record your in game voice
Evan Burriola 2014-03-18 @ 02:03:45
How Do You Record Your Voice With The Roxio Hd Pro!!! Pls Reply It Would Be Soooo Helpful.Thankyou.
Kenyon Madden 2014-01-14 @ 23:58:39
Do a gaming setup for 2014
Apex32717 2014-01-03 @ 04:31:33
+KoreProduction can you be a bit more specific I can probably help you out if you havent yet fixed it
TheMaddMan 2014-01-02 @ 14:58:53
Im on a budget for a capture card, and was thinking of ditching getting the Roxio, but this has really changed my opinion! :D
R3N3G4D399 2014-03-21 @ 11:03:40
Lol your Xbox is in better condition than mine, mine is the model with no HDMI, and all thats left is the motherboard but there is always hope when you know what youre doing 
Dimitris Mitsos 2013-12-30 @ 11:49:44
Υου are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PEPPER carl 2013-12-28 @ 10:51:15
i thought u use a PC then its just a laptop
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to speedyw03
Added  2012-10-06
From  speedyw03
Like the video if you enjoyed. Thanks for watching! Special Offer on Roxio Game Capture HD PRO for my viewers: $129.99 + Free Shipping at http://bit.ly/P1tcju Fierce Controller's giveaway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b0vLlQ79bg Second Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/KYRSP33DY My Twitte (more)
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