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KYR SP33DY - Set Up Video! (My Temporary Gaming Set Up)

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Olympus Sam 2014-08-21 @ 15:23:47
Is this a voice over?
Lj Bondoc 2014-07-28 @ 18:01:50
How do you record your own voice using the roxio
Kelli Kelly 2014-07-15 @ 09:09:45
I agree tutlebeach x12 are bosssssssss
Gabriel Wilson 2014-07-14 @ 03:42:23
Whats The Cirus like sohg he uses
Conran Widdison 2014-06-22 @ 08:25:54
Were is he from 
InflamablePanda 2014-04-12 @ 08:56:15
PS3 uses hdmi as well so...
UG_Sharker 2014-05-16 @ 06:00:02
Got X12s,planning to get Roxio also
GR33N's MACHINE 2014-08-20 @ 22:44:00
hey Speedy thanx for the help i really wanna start playing and recording games on youtube!
Glen Behan 2014-08-18 @ 20:40:11
Anyone know what pc he has now? PLEASE ANSWER!!
TheNicholas045 2014-08-11 @ 10:31:23
And then... The elgato comes out.
Robert's Nerd Cave 2014-04-29 @ 23:26:17
can u even use a blue snowball an console
Ally Thomas 2014-08-05 @ 08:33:22
definitley going to use this thx speedy keep doing wat ur doing luv u
cajb687 2014-08-05 @ 04:27:43
If you use the roxio... how do u do listen-ins and stuff?
Zach Weiss 2014-08-04 @ 17:43:07
Me and my friend fixed a Red Ring after spilling Coke on it
Ian Robinson 2014-07-26 @ 06:29:27
hey kyrspeedy um I wanted you to make a video on what intro maker u use to do ur videos that would awesome if u can
joey burns 2014-07-19 @ 08:21:43
thank you love your vids
BEST FOR EVR 2014-07-15 @ 06:15:46
wait how does he have to wires coming out of the roxio? he should have 3!
Sam Fox 2014-07-14 @ 01:12:29
leave a comment on this is you know
Evan Burriola 2014-03-18 @ 02:03:45
How Do You Record Your Voice With The Roxio Hd Pro!!! Pls Reply It Would Be Soooo Helpful.Thankyou.
TheGingerSalmonCrew 2014-07-06 @ 05:18:32
Got an elgato 
Brandon Villalta 2014-06-27 @ 05:36:30
Cool speedy
aaron andrews 2014-06-26 @ 22:30:33
DUDE the turtle beach x12 are the best, Ive bought some 200 dollar head sets and Ive never like any head set over the x12.. there the best.....p.s. keep up the good work I love you content.......plz more garrys mod funny vidz.. thank you bye
Dullish Turnip 2014-06-26 @ 20:23:25
How do you have 1 hdmi cable? Please I wanna know it could help me a lot
jooshep1 2014-03-19 @ 23:12:10
is that the blue snowball or the blue snowball ice?
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to speedyw03
Added  2012-10-06
From  speedyw03
Like the video if you enjoyed. Thanks for watching! Special Offer on Roxio Game Capture HD PRO for my viewers: $129.99 + Free Shipping at http://bit.ly/P1tcju Fierce Controller's giveaway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b0vLlQ79bg Second Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/KYRSP33DY My Twitte (more)
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