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mucsanabuaw 2015-02-02 @ 08:44:53
It didnt help me one bit.
Uros Zdravkovic 2014-08-07 @ 05:28:26
PimplyPete what is that gun you are holding ?
coldskin1 2014-06-15 @ 22:58:12
fk this mission
Kevin Vuong 2014-07-16 @ 20:32:39
um sorry i kinda agree with the rest of the others its harder than it seems to hit gold ive tried it about ten times and only hit gold once
CurbyBelmont 2014-05-02 @ 03:40:11
THE VOTANIS COLLECTIVE wants you! Lol.....if your interested in the show and you play the game than the votanis collective clan(lore based clan) is for you! We recently started up the clan on xbox servers (already on pc) so any and all votans are welcome. Keep in mind defiance is going free to play so now you can get all the enjoyment for free! Message CANAD1ANPrAiZeD on xbox or Kli Che in game for an invite!
PimplyPete 2013-04-08 @ 09:23:56
I dont remember the outfit name but I got it for completing all the Mount Tam pursuits. As for the Purple equipments, Ive found from drops and store. I think the higher your EGO, the more likely youll run into them. Hope that helps.
GuidesForUsAll 2013-04-15 @ 23:46:55
Hey man, there is a WAY faster way and you get a ton more xp and A LOT OF KEYS! Come check out my channel to see it! :D It is the fastest way to get xp in the game so far!
dardi16 2013-04-13 @ 13:11:35
that is the shittiest reward i have ever seen... go do ark falls
PimplyPete 2013-05-27 @ 09:03:10
It was when I posted this video, Trion upped the amount of points needed for Gold in their latest patch.
Colten Baldwin 2013-05-30 @ 11:31:30
So easy thank you all u have to do is hit 150k and its easy when u pan the gun and never let go of the trigger
Brendon Whitman 2013-04-08 @ 01:27:59
Whats your outfit and where did you get your purple stuff store or find it?
Colten Baldwin 2013-05-30 @ 11:47:04
Shoot the warriors first if ur having trouble because they disrupt your foring process and cause u to get knocked back
blackjoker12 2013-04-22 @ 16:16:45
I found this better to get kills to add to your pursuit to add to your 50k kills you need for an easy to do but time consuming Pursuit. I cant remember what its called but its in Combat pursuits and its a lvl5 "V" Get about 200kills every 3-4 minutes do it a few times a day and it will slowly add up.
wiredbiggreen 2013-04-15 @ 19:58:54
join my clan people. The Green Group
Brendon Whitman 2013-04-08 @ 15:15:47
Colten Baldwin 2013-05-30 @ 11:35:14
Got gold 6 Times in a row before with thanks
melkathi 2013-05-07 @ 03:23:00
you need to slot some damage reduction perks. reduce damage when shot in the back, reduced damage while standing still, reduced damage while shield is recharging, reduced damage for a few seconds on each kill... you get the idea. The you can basically do this with one hand.
blackjoker12 2013-05-06 @ 15:20:11
I had decoy on with some "Damage resistance" perks. That way when they do it him because they will I wont take that much damage. I find surviving for a few extra sec to help with the mayhem stuff. Try it out. Will have to respec but it helps.
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