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12.5voltSenpai 2015-02-12 @ 17:37:44
The Beats executive kinda copied Bose. 
Derrick Justin 2014-01-23 @ 11:51:29
Studio sucks Executive is so much better
MegaJonny936 2014-09-13 @ 21:00:54
I just bought the Beats Executives for 99€ (130$) and i think they are worth the money
ONE SHOT WALKER 2014-12-27 @ 00:03:42
10/10 perfect for beating your meat
Sebastian Castellanos 2015-06-03 @ 16:06:18
Hi, I recently purchased the executives and Im overall happy with them. But When Im walking or running they just turn off and I got to turn con everytime this happens, maybe someone have a solution for this??? I looked all over google and I couldnt find any answer thanks a lot
TCT W 2015-05-03 @ 08:06:30
Are the silver ear cup cover part really made of aluminum metal?
HOi hoi 2014-11-23 @ 19:50:51
For everyone who is against beats, if you dont like beats. Why are you even watching this video. You only search for this video to say beats are bad and expensive. Well if they were that bad and expensive, people dont buy them. Just dont leave any comment and make your own video to show how bad it is or expensive
Christian Alphin 2015-01-11 @ 16:26:47
Executives should be called studios, because executive is for the people who make music personally.
MLG Duck 2014-08-09 @ 03:09:10
Im going to save you 16 mins: they are both overpriced pieces of shit
infamouscoma886 2015-03-01 @ 05:22:50
Oh great my beats executives are fake!! FUCK!!
Marky Force 2014-11-09 @ 05:40:27
Audio Technicas are better
jtftw360 2014-12-01 @ 05:51:02
How do the Executives match up with the new Studios?
The Weasel Runs At Midnight 2014-12-26 @ 14:05:16
Just to help anyone out, the "loud hiss" on the Executives, is in fact present. But, its not overwhelming. Any media played at 50% volume an up on my LG phone covers the hiss completely. 
Ian Stafford 2014-08-12 @ 02:09:27
For managing cables I would take the urbeats case/ pouch and put my cables in it
richard McDaniel 2014-10-12 @ 12:30:20
the beats studio look nicer
thank you very much .
leonard young 2014-09-29 @ 15:09:09
pros are still better also for the price
forfeit gaming 2014-10-12 @ 01:41:14
i really need help i dont know either to get studios or executives can someone recommend either one? 
Dany NBA 2014-08-27 @ 15:35:32
Beats are nice looking and all, but god do they sound horrible for their price 
Barbero1999 2014-07-27 @ 08:32:51
I dont understand the people who buy beats, specialy the pros to only use them in the neck without the cable, just to make "style". The beats has his proper equalizer, so the sound you hear is not the real sound that the artist wanted you to listen. Also if you are a productor you wont get the beats because it changes the actual sound.
michael gye 2014-06-28 @ 03:42:40
Wtf is he wearing 
Juan Orso 2014-06-26 @ 23:01:11
The new executives posees a minimal hiss, doesn´t botter me at all. In addition, they come with a red and black wire
Paul Donaghy 2014-04-17 @ 21:23:58
The new studios are better than both of those headphones
Ryu primeus 2014-09-03 @ 23:50:51
These head phones coats way to much i am not paying 100$ or more them its a rip off all together ill pay like 45$ and down but paying 100$ for them is just not right thats my opinion so please dont dis on me LOL.
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