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MADMA s05e13: He Sas, She Sas / Mary and Dad's Minecraft Adventures

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math busters 2015-03-28 @ 12:09:23
what is the seed or map for this world
Da Natster 2015-03-12 @ 23:12:46
Did anybody else hear mary whisper the f bomB
Mary P. 2014-11-16 @ 18:16:26
Omg! You didnt know that Sas was a girl???????? Well, you know it in the real world but, YOU DIDNT KNOW IT AT THE VIDEO Mary????
Da Natster 2015-03-12 @ 23:25:37
poor Charlie :(
Da Natster 2015-03-12 @ 23:09:37
More comments than likes
Akaira Odom 2014-03-05 @ 03:04:05
Dave stole Sass iron sword...
Ich Ju 2014-04-05 @ 03:43:00
This ep is supah funny dadsRfunny!!!!
junaid koossa 2014-03-15 @ 19:06:53
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck why did this happen they could make fuckin diamond swords
Bet boy 2014-05-08 @ 12:36:25
awwwwwwwwwwww r.i.p charlie the guinie pig he was a brave guinie pig
waldo walo 2014-01-12 @ 20:13:05
isnt mary doing the voice of little sas??
Dbacks #1Fan 2014-01-28 @ 03:26:25
Kylie Kultgen 2014-01-07 @ 23:11:16
What fill things
Jami L 2013-12-27 @ 19:40:08
I did not know little sas was a girl
Hailey Clark 2013-11-09 @ 22:27:38
wait did you guys make this seed????
benrix2002 2013-04-17 @ 18:25:12
Sas is a girl?!?!?!
Tania BP 2013-08-04 @ 22:52:16
Hi dadsRfunny, one question.... does the jungle biome seed work on the bought mincraft on the iPad? Please type back ;)
Heidi Darwish 2013-01-14 @ 01:21:35
Abby White 2013-07-16 @ 18:37:51
had* and u could delete it and change it to lower caps...
Tania BP 2013-08-15 @ 12:14:54
Thats weird, it wont work..... Well, Thanks! LOVE YOUR SHOW <3
veronica jimenez 2013-06-01 @ 13:41:06
hi my name is emolita it is good
suhaana saini 2013-05-24 @ 01:35:18
Plz reply :(
strwars100 2013-07-09 @ 21:18:20
Lol lilsas is a girl i thought she was a boy because of the voice she was given when she first got the communicator,then her second voice sounded like a boy, then now the thing i would never expect happened lilsas gets a girls voice and i thought it was because of the change of worlds but its because he was actually a she
Rosie Stokes 2013-04-01 @ 04:42:37
The whole at the bottom looked like a frog
Anna Franklin 2013-06-08 @ 13:08:03
AWW CHARLIE WAS SO CUTE opps sry I hade cap locks on
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to dadsRfunny
Added  2012-10-04
From  dadsRfunny
Monsters abound as Dad and the kids struggle to find a way out of their dark and forbidding world. Tech note: The gang's alternative universe can be found at: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/fractal-survival-custom-map/ Will Mary and Dad ever be rescued and make it back home? Watch and f (more)
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