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Call Of Duty Black Ops M1911 BB Gun

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thunderxgod01 2014-10-20 @ 00:19:34
Dude, muzzle and trigger discipline fails... SMDH
zidane rifaq 2014-01-31 @ 13:05:32
Its a m 1911 not a m1 911 you dumb fuck
Russell Guyan 2014-02-01 @ 22:31:53
You are such a sad specky twat
Scout Sapp 2013-12-06 @ 04:38:45
Why hes holding the latch down is because he has no ammo. (For those who know little) :)
Enrico Cortes 2014-01-02 @ 16:27:46
WE brand pistols suck.
Scout Sapp 2013-12-06 @ 04:36:01
Ok and his model is barely different because its gas, NOT CO2. My bad. The story is the same except you can usually just use propane (cheap) in it.
Scout Sapp 2013-12-06 @ 04:34:43
Ha ha it doesnt weigh that much. And YES IT IS A REPLICA. I dont know what the hell you think a colt looks like. Id rather not know.
Scout Sapp 2013-12-06 @ 04:32:36
I didnt quite explain it, but its just a Black Ops Colt, thats it. Nothing precedes Black Ops in the name.
Scout Sapp 2013-12-06 @ 04:31:03
Im sorry to hash on everyone here but my knowledge is to vast, so I will inform you on this:) 1: this is a WE Tech AIRSOFT m1911 Black Ops Pistol. Im really disappointed that you think this is "Call of Duty:" and Ill tell you why with another story Ive read: (on a fb post of a video of course) "Wow the military is using infrared now? Does even the government have to copy Call of Duty ideas? Call of duty made up infrared!!!!!1111!1!1" I know you all fringe when you see this, and thats how I feel about it when you say its a call of duty black ops gun. The military has black ops as a squad way high up in rank; running high risk and high security missions. As for the airsoft gun: A BB gun (also known sometimes as a pellet gun) shoots small metal bbs (kind of like bird shot sized bbs) this gun is a CO2 guzzler, dont buy it if you dont want to waste money on those pesky, non refillable, little co2 tanks. However this gun freaking intimidates. It kicks pretty hard for an airsoft gun (more than a .22) it shoots (mine at least) a chronod 325 fps with .25 bbs. (Thats like 450 fps with .12s (.12s are usually what most people buy)) So in other words: this gun hurts, they wont let you play in arenas in sometimes because of how fast it is. Anyway thats enough nonsense from me.. Carry on. :)
Aaron Ross 2013-09-03 @ 00:24:18
nice gun but your really sad!
leckonerf456 2013-06-10 @ 16:06:26
giorgio elie 2013-08-31 @ 15:45:06
get the ignite black ops airsoft 1911
Macsk8ing 2013-07-05 @ 08:05:57
It is, its not an original Colt but it has the M1911 design.
Velina Fynx 2013-07-17 @ 18:38:03
Um where did you get this gun?
CHRIS CAPUTO 2013-06-28 @ 04:36:08
it is a 1911
ZaeZaeGaming 2013-02-09 @ 03:23:37
Accully l it is the name of a series of guns, ignite is the brand
oso savage 2013-07-19 @ 01:52:39
Upload tell me where u got that master piece
Heli0sophist 2013-08-06 @ 06:52:52
thats why it says "replica bb gun"
giorgio elie 2013-08-31 @ 15:42:23
TheJoker3015 2013-05-26 @ 16:52:36
Where did you get the M1911
slayerhunter911 2013-04-02 @ 21:47:07
VloggerLand 2013-04-03 @ 13:53:54
My sister hates nazi zombies and yeah she must be fuckin crazy
william duncan 2013-06-21 @ 04:21:37
oso savage 2012-11-03 @ 03:10:25
i love that weapon
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to Mark Foster
Added  2012-07-12
From  Mark Foster
I love the game so I got a replica bb gun that's iconic to it
Category  Entertainment

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