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haram khan 2012-08-05 @ 06:13:35
Marianne Alba 2012-07-26 @ 20:13:47
Buaji is really funny!
r21e09d92 2012-08-03 @ 14:35:30
looool, the girl is mad, i swear! laughing my head off.
RanbirKapoorFaaan1st 2012-08-12 @ 17:20:51
I lovee this show, its the best show eveeeeer!!!
Raina Malik 2012-07-31 @ 23:10:44
soniaisdabest 2012-08-13 @ 18:00:09
Omg I thought Khushi was funny but Arnavs even funny! Made me LOL when he was telling that sad story hehehe :D
keisha ramdass 2012-08-11 @ 23:38:26
i want one ah dat long wetty kiss omg lolz
niza faazleen 2012-08-02 @ 04:03:30
lol cant stop laughing the whole epi was just awesome thnx for loading really appreciate it......khushi telling her dukh kahani.....i love it wen da doc says appki ki bhi shadi nahi hui.....khushi itn ebaare laad governor khare the aapko dikhai nai diya.....lol...just love barun n sanaya chemistry
Bhavika Jain 2012-08-10 @ 12:33:02
mamiji is tooooooooo cuteeeeee &FUNNY KISS SCENE WAS AWESUM
umed haq 2012-07-27 @ 02:46:28
its mean Exploitation.
cheryl bis 2012-07-27 @ 01:18:24
Rubab Mubashar 2012-08-05 @ 23:46:06
in the last scene Arnav is behaving lyk Khushi. Bcz he is moving bck n bck.. Well, episode ws vry gud. n Arnav why u wanna kill us..? The kiss scene ws jst owsm
Houmadevi Engkutsamy 2012-08-04 @ 23:29:32
Buaji ne phir se entry kya maari ke laughter therapy phir se cchal para,gr8.thx
Sidjay 2012-08-07 @ 20:24:43
thats really bad Khushi shouldnt be lying so much
Ati C 2012-07-27 @ 19:12:26
whats going on with Anjali?
krazy13sweet1 2012-07-27 @ 05:08:58
lol lov this1 so funny..
Marianne Alba 2012-07-26 @ 20:13:20
Ur rili smart mami ji!
Sukheeeeeful 2012-07-26 @ 22:19:09
Is it justme or are Arnav getting lighter eyes?
1999wiss 2012-07-30 @ 06:26:15
Shyam is tots meeting anjali
cheryl bis 2012-07-27 @ 01:13:54
nanhi si jaan
tamara desuez 2012-08-01 @ 19:13:47
this is so funny..!hahah i loved the part they were fighting 4 the paper
Sumi 2012-08-13 @ 00:45:34
Haha funny part when Mami asked Nani if it was her boyfriend who called lol
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Showing 1-25 of 13337 See All Videos
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