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Il Volo rehearses in Miami for 2013 Christmas concert

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carmengonzales282 2014-01-08 @ 09:28:37
Kohana 2013-03-22 @ 20:10:15
New video from IL VOLO.
Mike Denton-Anns 2013-03-26 @ 10:08:45
I too listen more for the harmony, which is underpinned by Gianluca, since it is better than anything I have heard. Individually they are peerless, together they need a new adjective of excellence.
Maya Raimondo 2013-06-24 @ 18:15:48
Poor guys. They are so tired.
Origami Roses 2013-03-28 @ 05:21:28
Yeah it looked like it. He was probably just tired.
Janis Blank 2013-03-22 @ 19:44:45
They are amazing..always..whenever and wherever and whatever they do.
Karina Puigserver 2013-03-22 @ 21:55:41
Bellísimos tienen unas grandiosas voces
yvette lucia 2013-04-05 @ 00:14:43
fashionista201117 2013-03-22 @ 17:58:06
just made my day
Joyce Maric 2013-05-05 @ 07:40:18
They speak honestly and sound so generous
PrincessNausi 2013-05-21 @ 21:03:14
I love how their three voices blend in so perfectly with each other! They are absolutely TOO AMAZING FOR WORDS <3
nybaby40 2013-03-27 @ 12:04:08
Going to the Christmas concert tonight at the Fillmore, taking my daughter and two of her friends as a Spring Break treat :)
Jessi O. 2013-06-18 @ 01:07:22
I love them too much.
Mar Sol 2013-03-24 @ 22:52:28
I do the same thing that Gianluca does with his mouth. Its a habit.
dijiey wong 2013-10-02 @ 19:42:25
crying this perfection
msaj777 2013-07-10 @ 19:40:25
They have to do an A Capella recording. Please!!! For the sake of music!
Kezia Debora 2013-03-23 @ 10:33:51
theyre getting better with the english <3
Bianca Farinacci 2013-09-04 @ 22:00:41
Wow beautiful and talented
luvperu1 2013-10-23 @ 06:29:02
Talented and adorable!!
cherri calosur 2013-05-05 @ 11:56:01
gianluca is always elegant, piero tries to be funky, and ignazio is casual, relaxed.
Edith Morales 2013-03-26 @ 16:20:13
Gianluca seems upset..?
Yosselin Ginoble 2013-03-22 @ 19:01:07
I love so much to il volo, they are my biggest idols. I love Gianluca I love Piero I love Ignazio I LOVE IL VOLO
efigenia1947 2013-08-12 @ 10:07:43
I pray il volo will stay grounded they are so pure n great singers love them got all cds God Bless
Diana Velasquez 2013-03-22 @ 18:50:05
Love each of you! Gianluca, Piero & Ignazio! See you at the shows! @ILVOLOMIAMI
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to Miami Herald
Added  2013-03-22
From  Miami Herald
Il Volo, the classically influenced teenage Italian pop group, rehearses at WLRN-TV studios in Miami for two upcoming Miami Beach performances, including a Christmas concert planned for PBS in late 2013. The young men -- tenors Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and baritone Gianluca Ginoble -- talk (more)
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