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Damien Dominick 2014-11-26 @ 11:38:28
I had read that he had exposure ,through inhalation, to insidious mold spores shortly before his death. Such exposure can kill the healthiest of people. My healthy, young, cousin had the same type of exposure and now has a pacemaker in his chest. Lots of super, nasty stuff out there people!
spiralcosmosart 2014-11-22 @ 21:14:48
I wonder if garlic and onions wouldve saved him?
Nelson Montana 2014-09-21 @ 21:48:57
Does no one see the irony here? 
Paraiba blue 2014-05-16 @ 16:24:25
The average mainstream doctor dies aged 58! Thats younger than the average couch potato. I wouldnt be surprised if Andreas Moritz was killed off by the Big Pharma boys. He must have been a threat to their drug profits.
Julian Reischl 2014-03-30 @ 17:59:33
Maybe cancer is a disease after all... or Aids not a myth... or diabetes in need of actual medical treatment. My condolences anyway.
newnimprovesT3 2014-05-10 @ 07:02:44
Wow I just found his channel. This is sad :( I was wondering why he didnt have videos for 2014 or 13. A handsome and knowledgeable man.
Carolyn Palit 2014-11-10 @ 20:05:24
If the doctors told him he was going to not survive his teenage years, and he lived until he was 58 by pursuing natural foods and supplements -- then I think he did an amazing job on extending his life. Thank you for your work on these issues, Andreas! Happy trails!
dahliasmama77 2014-10-29 @ 20:30:44
Two years later we still dont know.I think its rotten his family has not made a statement but continue to cash in on his books.
Albert Reeves 2014-10-24 @ 04:42:14
Anyway once you understand your body and how it functions and how much it takes to care for it properly to survive in this dump, it will be wise to find peace with death. We wont live forever anyway. So stay healthy to be a purpose and do what we came to do, whether to bring love or hate, but whatever were here for, hurry before.your wasted time is due.
primeraprim 2014-10-30 @ 14:30:36
.Andreas seemed a real super cool dude and someone who was very kind . RIP Andreas Moritz
Joanne Glas 2014-10-19 @ 15:06:59
Ihave only just found the videos of Andreas Moritz and found him most informative.I have read reviews and most are nice however the people who come ot with rediculous statements that,Well obviously eatin healthy is not the right way to go,are in my view, small minded and rediculous statments and i agree with one writter,if you dont like it,,,,GO EAT MEAT,,,,we all have choices and the ability to learn and look after our own bodies.....Oh and we all die no matter how healthy ect we live.....So on that note,have a happy and healthy life to one and all.....Juice-Mad Jo.xIn Spain
Nug step 2014-10-11 @ 07:04:04
He was obviously MURDERED.. thats what happens to intelligent people who are influential... BIG PHARMA would lose billions
Albert Reeves 2014-10-24 @ 04:32:22
Were all going to die sooner or later, its part of life. His research was to help us enjoy living without the stress of health issues that can be resolved at home daily in our kitchen. He didnt tell us we can live forever in the body, its impossible if we could due to constant pollution. He came here on earth to experience the pain and lies about health issues so he can give us truth that we never knew. Now his job is done, he have seen been taught said and did his journey, he left his legacy. RIP Andreas...job well done. Thank you. 
Alex Garnock 2014-10-04 @ 05:03:57
He died from a nutritional deficiency disease. Lots of Vegans die before they are 50. Patrick Swayze Linda Mc Carteny Steve Jobs Michael Jackson and now sadly Andreas Moritz. The olive and coconut oils can cause major problems by oxidising in the pancreas causing pancreatic issues. Vegans need 16 vitamins 12 amino acids 3 fatty acids and 60 essential minerals just like every other vertebrates and should supplement with plant derived ionic macro and trace minerals. 
Tacks Sherbo 2014-06-23 @ 13:09:23
One of his videos that was listed to the right was entitled "Cancer is Not Trying to Kill You, It is Trying to Save You." I didnt watch that video, not only because the title makes my blood boil, but because cancer tried to "save" SIX people in my family, in the last ten years and failed miserably. We buried every one of them. And if garlic is poison, then my stomach must thrive on that poison because I used it constantly over the last 70+ years and it hasnt killed me yet. Quack Quack Quack And by god, stay away from that Vitamin B12. It might actually keep your mother alive longer than you might want it to. (sarcasm of course). She might live to be over 90 by taking it!!!!!! 
Anthony Hamilton 2014-05-24 @ 05:53:37
"The cause of his death is none of our business! No one outside of his immediate family and attending doctor has the right to this information." When you are in the business of health, YOUR health becomes the business of others.
Patrick Ryan 2014-09-15 @ 19:30:38
RIP.. lovely man.. he improved the world.. 
BritchesAndBrambles 2014-08-31 @ 01:02:00
Andreas Moritz had a congenital heart malady which apparently could be relieved by natural treatments, but not wholly cured. Accidental exposure to toxic mold apparently exacerbated his condition, leading to his death. A simple Google search reveals this information. LMGTFY.com ~ Michelle
Staci Bellinger 2014-08-30 @ 06:27:46
MsCerise007 2014-02-16 @ 21:44:03
I guess eating healthy & a healthy lifestyle doesnt pay off after all. So you are just guessing yourself!!!! It has been a long time now so what really happened? 
Praveen Sharma 2014-05-01 @ 22:15:54
Hello Osama! LOL
soulsistanumbaone! 2014-08-19 @ 08:01:57
Not good for his Business that he died!!
Robert Beam 2014-08-20 @ 12:43:09
From what I know he had serious health problems as a child,he over came them and helped many others. The fact that he lived to be 58 is impressive and I thank God for him. He at minium gave hope to others and hope is a very powerful thing in its self.
Amanda Stowe 2013-12-12 @ 07:49:35
This man lived a lot longer than he was suppose to.That should be a sing that he knew a little of what he was trying to share with the world.I for one have researched how food effects your health,and he said pretty much what most doctors and nutritionists are saying.You are what you eat.
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