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Death of Popular Health Author Andreas Moritz

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spiralcosmosart 2014-11-22 @ 21:14:48
I wonder if garlic and onions wouldve saved him?
Damien Dominick 2014-11-26 @ 11:38:28
I had read that he had exposure ,through inhalation, to insidious mold spores shortly before his death. Such exposure can kill the healthiest of people. My healthy, young, cousin had the same type of exposure and now has a pacemaker in his chest. Lots of super, nasty stuff out there people!
Paraiba blue 2014-05-16 @ 16:24:25
The average mainstream doctor dies aged 58! Thats younger than the average couch potato. I wouldnt be surprised if Andreas Moritz was killed off by the Big Pharma boys. He must have been a threat to their drug profits.
D TEE 2014-12-21 @ 19:35:04
I understand Andreas had just discovered ( through some ancient texts just discovered on the Island of Crete) a way to formulate a "soul flush"; on his first try, it flushed the soul from his body; do not try that at home; 
Sandra Allen 2014-12-26 @ 02:06:59
Wish he had invented a brain flush, the man died at an incredibly early age he was not a doctor. The reason for his family keeping the reason for his death a secret is obvious. Would people still be talking about and trying liver flushing,would they still buy his books and other merchandise if they knew the cause of his death?
Truth Watcher 2014-06-24 @ 11:25:01
I have only just discovered this special man and his insights. I thank God that he lived and shared his life and knowledge with us. The videos I have watched so far have been so helpful and he just makes so much sense. Im sad for the loss that his family is experiencing in the past few years but know that he didnt live and die in vain. His books and videos have already helped so many people get their health back and I believe that he will continue to do so because what he says makes so much sense. The powers that control this world dont want us to have health or clear minds, but our God Jehovah is raising up special gifted men like Andreas Moritz who have the courage to share the TRUTH. God Bless your family and your legacy. Thanks thedurianking for your above video and for also being a spokesman for God and the health movement. 
Brady Ridgley 2015-01-15 @ 19:25:14
Seems to me he gave his life to us god bless this man for being a teacher and using his own body to find the truth time is a space and what we do with it makes us who we are I say he used his time to help humans understand the natural order
l aTranceGuy l 2015-01-18 @ 02:21:51
He was killed by the illuminati because he was preaching the truth on health.
Vanessa Dewsbury 2014-02-25 @ 18:33:16
Andreas Moritz Cause of Death as written on his facebook page: “Dear Friends, Since the time of Andreas’ passing, we have received several emails from caring friends, colleagues and clients around the world asking to know more about the cause and circumstances of his crossing over. It is our understanding that the cause of his death dates back to his serious health problems in early childhood. At that time, the medical doctors in Germany diagnosed him as having juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and severe arrhythmia, amongst many other medical conditions. Unable to alleviate his ailments, and to the best of our understanding, the doctors did not give him much hope of surviving past his teen years or early adulthood; his life expectancy was short, and this is something Andreas has mentioned in several of his books and interviews. Realizing that mainstream medicine was unable to help him, Andreas acknowledged that the only real chance he had of overcoming these chronic and debilitating health issues was to learn everything he could about how the human body truly functions. And so by the young age of 15, Andreas had begun to make a serious study of the human digestive system, experimenting with many different changes to his food intake and overall nutrition. He finally discovered that foods derived from animal (protein) sources were poisoning his body, and when he eliminated them, many of his symptoms disappeared. His deep and unrelenting passion for learning more and more about human health, restoring one’s health naturally, and sharing this knowledge, wisdom and experience to help others around the globe remained the central focus and driving thrust throughout his life. Thanks to this, he soon discovered the liver and gallbladder flush (the one described in his books) to be the most effective approach – a natural, non-invasive healing modality that finally enabled him to restore his overall health and that of millions of people worldwide. A couple of months before his transition, Andreas was exposed to insidious mold inhalation. This, with time, created complications that led to heart valve failure, which stemmed from his childhood “severe arrhythmia”. Understandably, Andreas refused to have invasive surgical treatments or procedures, living by his deep-rooted beliefs and supported by a calm, inner knowingness that his time on Earth was completed. It is common knowledge that Andreas had totally transcended all fear of death. And that was his tranquil, fulfilled state of heart, mind and soul when he did pass over, with his beloved wife, Lillian, by his side.” 
fruitfast777 2014-08-01 @ 05:33:12
"insidious mold inhalation"? Youve got to be kidding. Thats an effing of an excuse. What a dishonest organization. Why dont just tell the truth that Andreas may not have been correct about everything? Not everything works for everybody. An honest disclosure and autopsy would have helped more people than protecting the sales of his books. You guys and gals are disgusting!!! P.S. Im not talking about the guy who made this video, but to the people who took control of Andreass properties.
Crusty Gronk 2015-01-20 @ 08:17:23
This is not the first truther to be killed by the elite.
InvestigadorTJ 2015-01-09 @ 00:47:31
I heard Big Pharma Killed him 
Tacks Sherbo 2014-06-23 @ 13:09:23
One of his videos that was listed to the right was entitled "Cancer is Not Trying to Kill You, It is Trying to Save You." I didnt watch that video, not only because the title makes my blood boil, but because cancer tried to "save" SIX people in my family, in the last ten years and failed miserably. We buried every one of them. And if garlic is poison, then my stomach must thrive on that poison because I used it constantly over the last 70+ years and it hasnt killed me yet. Quack Quack Quack And by god, stay away from that Vitamin B12. It might actually keep your mother alive longer than you might want it to. (sarcasm of course). She might live to be over 90 by taking it!!!!!! 
ANTHONY GUARINO 2014-06-26 @ 17:10:51
please turn to jesus for he is the way whether you are healthy or not
Albert Reeves 2014-10-24 @ 04:32:22
Were all going to die sooner or later, its part of life. His research was to help us enjoy living without the stress of health issues that can be resolved at home daily in our kitchen. He didnt tell us we can live forever in the body, its impossible if we could due to constant pollution. He came here on earth to experience the pain and lies about health issues so he can give us truth that we never knew. Now his job is done, he have seen been taught said and did his journey, he left his legacy. RIP Andreas...job well done. Thank you. 
Hyper Horse 2014-12-13 @ 09:42:17
Im glad hes gone. Now we dont have to listen to his pro vegetarianism garbage.
Joanne Glas 2014-10-19 @ 15:06:59
Ihave only just found the videos of Andreas Moritz and found him most informative.I have read reviews and most are nice however the people who come ot with rediculous statements that,Well obviously eatin healthy is not the right way to go,are in my view, small minded and rediculous statments and i agree with one writter,if you dont like it,,,,GO EAT MEAT,,,,we all have choices and the ability to learn and look after our own bodies.....Oh and we all die no matter how healthy ect we live.....So on that note,have a happy and healthy life to one and all.....Juice-Mad Jo.xIn Spain
Starless2012 2014-05-16 @ 23:28:50
Vegan does not work. Eat meat people, we need fat to live!!
Carolyn Palit 2014-11-10 @ 20:05:24
If the doctors told him he was going to not survive his teenage years, and he lived until he was 58 by pursuing natural foods and supplements -- then I think he did an amazing job on extending his life. Thank you for your work on these issues, Andreas! Happy trails!
Alex Garnock 2014-10-04 @ 05:03:57
He died from a nutritional deficiency disease. Lots of Vegans die before they are 50. Patrick Swayze Linda Mc Carteny Steve Jobs Michael Jackson and now sadly Andreas Moritz. The olive and coconut oils can cause major problems by oxidising in the pancreas causing pancreatic issues. Vegans need 16 vitamins 12 amino acids 3 fatty acids and 60 essential minerals just like every other vertebrates and should supplement with plant derived ionic macro and trace minerals. 
ERICWAGNERSLUCID 2014-05-15 @ 17:15:53
None of his family or friends will expose the reason for his death or what killed him. So: he was a fake, a liar, and the occlusion of the cause of his death is a huge set back to all healers and health conscience people. This so pisses me off! Lies are the worst thing and are diametrically opposed to healing and truth and heath! The rumor is Andreas Moritz was a fake and now no one will ever believe anything he ever wrote or said! Defending lies is just as bad! Life is truth. Lies are death. People "can" and do and "will" escape death! Death is lying for any reason. Waste you life defending death and this piece of worthless shit who lied to destroy our knowledge. Fuck you THEDURIANKING!!!!! Whats your name? Youre gonna die anyway? Didnt you know: the soul is eternal! Life is a dream to learn to love unconditionally: or in other words "to learn to tell the truth"!
newnimprovesT3 2014-05-10 @ 07:02:44
Wow I just found his channel. This is sad :( I was wondering why he didnt have videos for 2014 or 13. A handsome and knowledgeable man.
Laura Keane 2014-07-08 @ 19:36:29
Thank you for making this video, your very thoughtful and show a lot of respect for Andreas, Im sure he appreciates you making this video for him! 
Albert Reeves 2014-10-24 @ 04:42:14
Anyway once you understand your body and how it functions and how much it takes to care for it properly to survive in this dump, it will be wise to find peace with death. We wont live forever anyway. So stay healthy to be a purpose and do what we came to do, whether to bring love or hate, but whatever were here for, hurry before.your wasted time is due.
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http://www.rawlifehealthshow.com Sad news folks, popular health author Andreas Moritz has died. Andreas was the Author of many health books including -The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush -Cancer Is Not a Disease -Diabetes - No More Here are links to the videos that I've interviewed Andrea (more)
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