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Paraiba blue 2014-05-16 @ 16:24:25
The average mainstream doctor dies aged 58! Thats younger than the average couch potato. I wouldnt be surprised if Andreas Moritz was killed off by the Big Pharma boys. He must have been a threat to their drug profits.
O Smith 2015-06-06 @ 16:08:07
I wouldnt be surprised at all if certain government health agencies snuffed him out , discreetly of course.
MrCitrusfruitz 2015-05-31 @ 17:42:15
Germans are very intelligent, and this proves itself all the time. Germans are very creative, persistent, and long term visionary. Great minds come from Germany, along the Famous brands, that excel in quality and improvement.
crowdiver freeman 2015-02-05 @ 17:07:20
probably murdered by the powers that be ....who dont want the truth to get out!!
Julian Reischl 2014-03-30 @ 17:59:33
Maybe cancer is a disease after all... or Aids not a myth... or diabetes in need of actual medical treatment. My condolences anyway.
Coral Wilkinson 2015-06-07 @ 19:36:57
He didnt take supplement - the minerals arent in the soil. He just couldnt be selfish!
SOURCExRxE 2015-06-23 @ 00:40:23
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. “ - Ephesians 6:12 Dr. Max Gerson being #1 holistic healer, (in my opinion), and definitely Andreas Moritz right under Dr. Gerson.... Both, were sought out til their last day, by both, good and bad people if you catch my drift. Sad, sad, fact that evil greedy folk on this earth (which are in fact, very few, compared to how many good benevolent kind hearted folk) try so hard to limit us in every which way possible. Especially to those that hinder their profit. Like both Dr. Gerson and Mr. Moritz had done so for so many years and actually touched so many hearts and healed so many bodies. So you know, I actually know a cancer survivor of over 2 decades who beat it with the help of Dr. Gersons Therapy. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer (dont recall which one exactly since they have so many, alleged types), and was told that she had 3 months to live if she didnt undergo chemo. She refused and went to the Gerson Institute in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico and beat cancer in less time than she was given to live. Thats righ, she beat it in less than 3 months with nothing but natural organic foods, minerals and vitamins. Dont you find it odd that the only 3 acceptable forms of cancer treatments only have a 2-3% success ratio? When in fact, the Gerson Therapy, when followed to the T has had a 100% success ratio. Only a few out of the tens of thousands (over 50,000 to be a little more frank) who died after trying, were elder patients who literally had no will to live since they had lived a full life anyhow. Why do you think the Gerson Therapy and many other forms of alternative natural treatments to many of the so called "deadly deceases" are actually illegal here? Do you think that the extremely higher success ratio, appose to chemo, radiation, or surgery is actually too dangerous (appose to radiation to the body which kills all cells even the good ones) to be allowed here? Of course not... Are you aware that no one is authorized/approved to patent anything that grows out of the ground? This means big pharma and the medical industries cant profit if a less expensive, painless, and relatively easy to do method is available, that mind you, has a 100% success ratio. Do the math... is this just a mere coincidence? You be the judge. It is a proven fact that Dr. Gerson was poisoned with mercury. Not once but twice. The second time, was a higher dosage and was unable to detect it to be able to treat himself and rid himself of that poison like he did the first attempt. Im not saying this is what happened to Mr. Moritz, but consider the condition of his skin, especially on his face. Look at the tone in his physique (if you can track down his last interview), at his age... All, I am saying is that, even I, who have been living a holistic lifestyle for almost 2 decades now and not to sound arrogant nor egotistical, but if you would see me with ALL my friends who are my age or even younger, you would swear they were much older than me. What I am getting at is that I havent got sick but a mere handful of times in the past 2 decades do to my holistic style. The correlation is that I am no where near the level Mr. Moritz was with his holistic lifestyle, and if Ive had the success Ive had with my health and this lifestyle, dont you think It would be the same for anyone else? Especially one at a very high level of degree in such healthy holistic lifestyle? The same odd occurrence of young or sudden unexplained deaths has happened to many great benevolent minds of this beautiful Earth. Nikola Tesla comes to mind, instantly. He found a way to harness electrical currents from the atmosphere directly near above us (only several hundred feet high) and proposed a method of providing all of the U.S. with FREE electrical energy with a simple little box installed in every home, that would harness this FREE energy, risk free of danger. But his investor (I wont mention his name - but very easy to find), the infamous tyrant, was petrified to hear that his investments will not bring forth profit even though it would have changed this world for the positive. Then somehow, shortly after that news, Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds/inventor of our history, was inexplicably bed ridden and died broke, all alone in his death bed. Again, you make the math. Im just pointing out facts that provide evidence to odd coincidences involving the threat of someones, or somethings profit. God forbid, that someone you know and love dearly, were struck with cancer, would you rather they live way past their projected prognosis of "eminent death". Dont forget, by utilizing a method that is pain free and inexpensive or for them to risk dying sooner then their projected time frame of death, and not to mention, with immense pain and grief? We must look at things with a neutral mind and an unbiassed opened heart to truly receive truth/knowledge and wisdom (amongst many other fruitful benefits). Even the Bible states it many, many times throughout it. Peace be with you my dear brothers and sisters and all else who has the patience to read my novel I just wrote you. Namaste! "The lips of wisdom or closed only to the ears of understanding." - The Kybalion
Dr Tim Lowenstein 2015-07-17 @ 16:47:34
A couple of months before his transition, Andreas was exposed to insidious mold inhalation. This, with time, created complications that led to heart valve failure, which stemmed from his childhood “severe arrhythmia”. Understandably, Andreas refused to have invasive surgical treatments or procedures, living by his deep-rooted beliefs and supported by a calm, inner knowingness that his time on Earth was completed.
Todd Lavigne 2015-03-14 @ 20:46:32
He was probably killed
Deus Zeus 2015-07-26 @ 13:38:32
If he hadnt changed the diet he could have been dead when he was in 20s. His life expectancy became longer because he changed his life style and diet. After all he lived longer than he was expected. He was a wonderful person.
Mindmilling 2015-05-11 @ 23:02:46
To be fair the reason he claims to have gained knowledge towards health whether true or not is that he grew up as a very sick young man. I have not heard how he has died, but many assume it is from a condition he claims to be able to treat. it is interesting, and sad when anyone dies young.
crowdiver freeman 2015-02-05 @ 17:06:25
Maybe the FDA and Big Pharma got to him.
Asia @Me 2015-03-25 @ 11:47:17
I had read that he had exposure ,through inhalation, to insidious mold spores shortly before his death. Such exposure can kill the healthiest of people. My healthy, young, cousin had the same type of exposure and now has a pacemaker in his chest. Lots of super, nasty stuff out there people!
Damien Dominick 2014-11-26 @ 11:38:28
https://www.facebook.com/enerchi.wellness/posts/10151388385526469 posting about his death
Dr Tim Lowenstein 2015-07-17 @ 16:46:35
He really tried to get people better. Andreas was a kind person. The world lost a great person. R.I.P. Andreas Moritz.
Bas de Waal 2015-05-14 @ 17:26:21
Wish he had invented a brain flush, the man died at an incredibly early age he was not a doctor. The reason for his family keeping the reason for his death a secret is obvious. Would people still be talking about and trying liver flushing,would they still buy his books and other merchandise if they knew the cause of his death?
Sandra Allen 2014-12-26 @ 02:06:59
ChaSquared 2015-06-08 @ 19:54:32
I heard Big Pharma Killed him 
InvestigadorTJ 2015-01-09 @ 00:47:31
Andreas Moritz had a congenital heart malady which apparently could be relieved by natural treatments, but not wholly cured. Accidental exposure to toxic mold apparently exacerbated his condition, leading to his death. A simple Google search reveals this information. LMGTFY.com ~ Michelle
BritchesAndBrambles 2014-08-31 @ 01:02:00
I love his book timeless secrets of health and rejuvenation. I reviewed it on my channel, and I thoroughly recommend it.
Botanical Concepts 2015-03-23 @ 19:27:22
Death of Andreas
Vi Porter 2015-05-20 @ 21:38:23
if you check out the video the amazing liver and gallbladder flush (classic dvd) and then go and watch the other video why eating garlic is not healthy you will notice that a big change happened to him....He lost his mental clarity, his eyes look so drowsy as if he was on drugs(although i believe he would never take drugs) and he looks as if he was brainwasched...just compare the video, compare the vigor he had about 15 years ago,and then suddenly he looks almost a different man.They have done something to him definitely.They will die with their f@cking money in their pockets,alone and miserable
giannis karagiannidis 2015-02-23 @ 08:10:55
He was killed by the illuminati because he was preaching the truth on health.
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