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How to Make a Duct Tape Flower Pen

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Noreen Abel 2014-03-24 @ 03:33:54
Cute as.....hopefully will find some duct tape somewhere.
Carmen Lozano 2014-01-12 @ 12:01:16
My mommy luv it so much she always takes it to work
savanna r 2014-04-20 @ 10:05:33
Thats perfect for my veterinarian hospital at the front desk add some color to the room 
Katie Yakovenko 2014-04-17 @ 16:57:31
I love them ! Cute, easy to make, and my mom and sis (and me) all love them!!! ;D
Aniez Jay 2014-04-09 @ 14:53:06
Can you make a video to make a pen loop on a book for this type of pen? 
Kylie Horton 2014-03-28 @ 13:25:41
LeeChin L 2014-03-30 @ 13:13:05
i LOVE it ~~~~~ ^^
famous five 2014-03-17 @ 08:26:47
I want to do this kinda different but I dont have duct tape ran out of them nooo! D: And my craft store has been locked for a week then I will try this its totally cool :D
TheStardust6000 2014-03-20 @ 02:44:51
eheh u seem very indifferent... no offense 
Lucy Mcrobert 2013-11-18 @ 15:10:12
ooh how preety
Dannie Sweet 2014-03-31 @ 06:57:18
Sana Akrami 2014-02-16 @ 02:28:40
Love it
Natalie Molina 2013-11-10 @ 23:54:30
Jazmin Contreras 2013-11-18 @ 01:37:16
Youre so pretty
Mai Yer Vang 2014-01-13 @ 18:23:27
I love it. I need to learn how to make this duck tape..
Jamie Norris 2014-01-25 @ 23:08:28
Say what say whaaa
Mishi Castillo 2014-01-21 @ 03:03:07
My mom made that at her work
Matt Jr 2014-04-06 @ 14:51:52
can you also do it to led pencils 
Cupcake21 2013-11-30 @ 00:26:04
I made it. It was sooo easy thx
Katie Short 2014-01-19 @ 01:43:33
I love it if u do diff colours than u can sell them for diff things like a b ball game make an orange 1 then with a sharpie make a bballs lines :D
Natalie Zapata 2014-01-05 @ 18:49:02
Im adding these to my book with pencil holders :3
Roxi A 2014-01-23 @ 01:07:57
can I come over?Were do you live?
Alaa Girl 2014-02-13 @ 19:34:00
Can I use it with the flower booklet
Nour Altamimi 2013-11-17 @ 14:11:37
Your very creative
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