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Domino (Jessie J) Pop Rock Cover by Casey Phillips and Eric Taft! [+FREE MP3!])

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William Crosby 2015-01-28 @ 23:03:48
2:26 whos walking past today
Morphy 2014-12-20 @ 07:53:00
The vocalist should have this hairstyle. The one that he has in this video. Other than that, Amazing cover :D
IaznSkater 2012-11-08 @ 02:33:59
is there a special name for that type of drumset?
JossNacioG 2012-07-13 @ 06:04:27
awesom man
Jaime Zarraga 2012-01-07 @ 18:39:39
This cover is so fun and awesome haha. Nice job guys
Tremour 2011-12-30 @ 04:38:15
@BuzzloungeStudio I will bea eagerly awaiting them if they are all this good :) Good Luck :D
Tremour 2011-12-30 @ 02:10:45
Loving it, SUB! Looking forward to more :)
SarahTDrumGuru 2011-12-31 @ 06:23:20
nice cover:)
Buzzlounge Studio 2012-02-16 @ 01:09:18
@TheKidGizmo thanks zack!
Buzzlounge Studio 2011-12-30 @ 04:26:29
@shermanater182 thanks man!
Daniel Nguyen 2012-10-30 @ 09:21:11
lmfao damn he looks so high while he singing..lol..his eyes rolling back and shit haha
The English-American Rejects 2012-04-11 @ 12:26:44
TeenAngelsRex 2012-01-01 @ 19:37:18
the chorus sounds like pomped up kicks
Jesus Torres 2012-07-22 @ 05:30:52
Amazing cover! It really freaked me out when I heard it! Congrats!! :D Big fan as from today! :D
Jutenks 2012-06-27 @ 14:07:33
So great!
heyo24 2012-07-12 @ 20:35:14
You guys seemed to have a lot of fun with this song.. lol
Buzzlounge Studio 2013-06-07 @ 13:34:32
its a shitty ol kit that i stripped and refinished
Halol98 2012-07-01 @ 16:53:09
I love the fact that theres no dislikes <3 amazing!
Buzzlounge Studio 2012-03-25 @ 18:32:38
thank you so much!
IaznSkater 2013-08-20 @ 05:28:17
Naw i mean how its arranged like how the 1st tom is set up like a snare and the 2nd tom is no where to be seen
Sheena Sandigan 2012-10-07 @ 14:21:50
You guys are so cute! :) Great vocals too! I hope youll make a cover of any song by Michelle Branch :D pretty please :D
Andrew Long 2012-07-01 @ 21:32:33
Casey is the best
Buzzlounge Studio 2011-12-30 @ 04:26:13
@ChrisGzMusic thank you so much for the support!
Rukua Kavakura 2012-02-20 @ 08:10:14
This was really good :D loved the whole thing ! It sounded like it was written for you guys [:
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to Buzzlounge Studio
Added  2011-12-04
From  Buzzlounge Studio
Hey everyone!! Here is a cover of Jessie J's new single called Domino! We did this song and video in Buzzlounge Studio located in good 'ol Howard County Maryland! We heard this song on the radio the other day and thought it would be a cool one to cover, throw our little twist on and see what (more)
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