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siloPIRATE 2015-03-20 @ 23:43:34
Ironically, in a game based on a movie about a glitched video game character, I managed to glitch this game. Pressing T will just spawn a weapon pickup so you dont need the ones on the track. Spam T and Space for infinite weapons. Game turns into aerial combat instead of a kart racer and it takes 15 minutes to finish one race. The AI spams sweet seekers without you glitching the game out. Nothing wrong with that, turning it into aerial combat is fun. You can literally fly several metres in the air and not come down for at least a minute. Disney, make this a proper kart racer like CTR and we have something
Cleo Jeg 2015-05-25 @ 10:38:57
Someone Give Me A Link To Download The Full Game By The Way Love The Vid
jasmin Lopez 2014-12-05 @ 09:29:14
I love wreck it Ralph the movie but I wish the game was more like the movie the racing should be like on ps2 or ps3 and the driving should be like Mario Kart the graphics are not that great if it improves I would totally buy the game
[ED] Krumhunter 2014-11-06 @ 22:09:38
Rekkit Shrek
Equestrian Gaming 2014-06-30 @ 15:34:44
i am disapointed......... this would be more fun for ppl to play if it was based off the map in the movie...
Emily-Anne Workman 2014-07-19 @ 04:35:54
That is a guy
MicrowaveMeShow 2014-03-23 @ 04:02:32
King Candys voice is actually an imitation of Ed Wynn.
hulk bruce 2014-07-10 @ 08:12:48
My friend has fix it Felix.
Bradley Morris 2014-07-18 @ 16:39:28
this game is like mairo kart wii,
Brian Cruz 2014-01-01 @ 15:58:46
here is the code of that game King Candy thumbs up if it worked ;)
TheVanillatech 2014-10-06 @ 15:41:35
Jesus christ the filth these people make as excuses for games these days and the filthy consumer monkeys that buy them... Shame on you. All of you.
clara from doctor who msp xx 2014-03-19 @ 19:06:41
Candle head is ugly
Speed King 2014-02-26 @ 00:26:45
Ege Saranli 2014-03-11 @ 20:26:12
Edwin Rios 2014-02-07 @ 03:11:23
Those are guys
Jo-Beena Thao 2013-03-26 @ 03:44:15
You were swearing the whole time like shut up
Mohsin Mangelen 2013-02-17 @ 10:55:09
where are you playing that?
Slydsho 2013-03-10 @ 23:39:26
Gerard Martinez 2013-04-13 @ 18:37:00
ya i agree
Badriah Hassan 2013-02-16 @ 16:46:53
where is vanllope respond
alan davies 2013-02-24 @ 20:01:34
There are guys in t
Gerard Martinez 2013-04-13 @ 18:33:40
shes on the iphone version
filipeflower 2013-03-05 @ 17:43:51
And where exactly did you get that information from ?
Senyuu Hachibi 2013-03-29 @ 07:48:41
AKB48! ! !
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