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Beyonce pulled off stage in Brazil - HD (Original)

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Arlene Del Bull 2014-02-12 @ 08:15:21
If you look closely, the fan was trying to give Beyonce a hug. He wasnt trying to harm her, she knew that too which is why she stopped security. It just looked bad because she fell, but he just wanted to hug her
Tanner Oxford 2014-01-26 @ 19:11:30
97JLH 2014-04-14 @ 00:11:29
I love how beyonce just laughs while shes being yanked between security and her psycho fan.
Mohammed Zayed 2014-01-05 @ 04:05:43
Thats my boy :D
LohengrinTh 2014-01-05 @ 10:02:23
Always thought it is dangerous to approach the fans.. how do you know who can be down there and if his mind will flip
Amanda. H 2013-11-16 @ 22:08:49
omg creep!
Frizo Fazzil 2014-04-04 @ 11:14:06
holy sh8t that butt
Eid AlFarraj 2014-04-05 @ 18:31:35
what an asshole -__-
Brian Curry 2014-06-04 @ 18:11:56
Rihanna would have beaten him with her mic
J-Tay M. 2013-12-22 @ 17:56:55
Oh yeah, the man tried to hug Beyoncé then a security grabbed his arm a pulled him, making both of them fall, watch closely again
juaneegee gaines 2013-09-17 @ 18:00:03
NOT B !!!
Omar Scruggs 2013-11-18 @ 06:50:40
yo I think these celebs be setting up these fans attack things to make it look like they have the most loyal and crazy fans. just like they set up paparazzi to be where they gone be.
jersey282 2013-12-14 @ 01:26:58
He didnt pull her into the stands, he jumps up to hug her and you can see clearly someone grabs the guy and pulls him back and thats what pulls both of them back into the crowd. I wanted to see what happened to him after and watching it again and focusing on the guy only you can see either another fan or security (its a man in black so probably security in the crowd near the stage) grabs the guy and pulls and that pulls them both off the stage and into the crowd. I think he just wanted to touch her and wasnt going to do something so stupid as drag her off stage. He still was in the wrong for jumping up there for the hug though. You can even see the security pulling the guy out of the crowd after.
Josh Zieler 2014-02-07 @ 22:05:10
I am not a fan of this person called Beyonce. She likes to call herself a role model , but last time I checked role models dont leave the band mates that made them who they are in the dust just because. Secondly, they also do not skip awards shows that their costars are nominated for awards and they are not. Both of these are acts of this so called role model Beyonce. 
Kelline Pickett 2013-09-16 @ 16:05:30
Im not really a fan of this young lady, but I thought it was alright that the man who pulls her off the stage in an act of passion is then greeted by her and told by her, *"Its alright"*, she calms him.
Lunk Foreman 2013-09-16 @ 16:16:01
Ez Sull 2014-02-25 @ 04:57:44
My nigga
Maria Willoughby 2014-03-29 @ 22:39:09
Beyonce is so cool
Ludomir Steinbrück 2014-05-19 @ 02:23:55
there are some crazy dudes out there, btw look at all the guys filming...
Raul Colon 2013-09-16 @ 17:30:39
Beyonce demonstrated once again what an awesome artist and human being she is.. A real lady... 
Svein Wisnæs 2013-09-17 @ 04:24:25
*Serious people skills!* At a concert in São Paulo, Beyonce is getting pulled off the stage, but turns the situation around to her advantage in a manner that is simply impressive. Instead of letting guards give the guy a beating and throw him out, she actually shakes his hand and ask him for his name. This is a lesson in how to handle a crisis, think on your feet and be a human being. And in the process, you gain a ton of positive attention! Brilliantly done!
GCcommunity 2014-04-10 @ 02:33:09
The man grabs and pulls her down, than she like... EHY EHY EHY! Whadz yo name!!?
Niece Nmezu 2013-12-22 @ 00:26:13
Loool she nearly sang "hey hey hey"
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to hugo711
Added  2013-09-16
From  hugo711
Beyonce pulled off stage by a fan in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 15.09.2013 at the Morumbi Stadium!
Category  Film & Animation

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