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Beyonce pulled off stage in Brazil - HD (Original)

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Brian Curry 2014-06-04 @ 18:11:56
Rihanna would have beaten him with her mic
toomuchfourU 2014-09-16 @ 22:51:54
I like how all yall talking how you like she didnt let him get taken but no. He could have stabbed her, drugged her, molested her all within a few seconds. She did better than me because I would have said off with his head! Yall all on here thinking its ok what he did and had no consequences. In them foreign countries they already think they can do whatever to americans. Beyonce you too kind hearted. Next time punch him in the throat. Also fire your security! lol
97JLH 2014-04-14 @ 00:11:29
I love how beyonce just laughs while shes being yanked between security and her psycho fan.
Maria Solorzano 2014-09-25 @ 14:14:56
What camera did u use??? Its awesome 
Ty Martin 2014-08-08 @ 18:15:49
He just wanted that ass
Anna Peace 2014-08-24 @ 04:28:06
Love how she stops the security guards from taking him
A Eduardo 2014-11-29 @ 00:09:07
Had to be in Brazil, lmao.
Viry Rasgado 2014-08-09 @ 05:32:01
Was he trying to hold her? Like in private... on the floor? Jajajaja 
Dominique Gagne 2014-08-20 @ 06:05:26
She is so good to her fans 
Arlene Del Bull 2014-02-12 @ 08:15:21
If you look closely, the fan was trying to give Beyonce a hug. He wasnt trying to harm her, she knew that too which is why she stopped security. It just looked bad because she fell, but he just wanted to hug her
Phindile Hlongwane 2014-08-25 @ 13:38:12
sh has a very lovely personality
Arturo Benitez 2014-09-05 @ 12:06:43
I used not to like beyonce, but after this I feel different. 
Maria Willoughby 2014-03-29 @ 22:39:09
Beyonce is so cool
Francesca Lilly 2014-03-30 @ 20:41:10
The class on that women is unbelievable 
marce carola 2014-07-31 @ 02:48:44
her bodyguards are better than obama security lol
david39ification 2014-09-16 @ 19:37:40
Mohammed Zayed 2014-01-05 @ 04:05:43
Thats my boy :D
Tanner Oxford 2014-01-26 @ 19:11:30
DaPrinceJavion 2014-02-18 @ 05:56:11
That was actually extremely nice of her
Frizo Fazzil 2014-04-04 @ 11:14:06
holy sh8t that butt
LohengrinTh 2014-01-05 @ 10:02:23
Always thought it is dangerous to approach the fans.. how do you know who can be down there and if his mind will flip
jcr89 2014-07-15 @ 18:54:50
I think that was very admirable for her to calm her security down when they tried to put him out... she knows how excited her fans get at times. That was so sweet of her to introduce herself to him personally! I have way more respect for Beyonce because I think any other artist wouldve just let security take him out.
Lavy white 2014-08-23 @ 15:59:12
Lmao why was she still singing while she was getting pulled 😂😂 
sassy mcgee 2014-09-04 @ 15:05:03
its funny because her "HEY HEY HEY ITS ALRIGHT" to the guards is still music to my ears. queen b <3
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to hugo711
Added  2013-09-16
From  hugo711
Beyonce pulled off stage by a fan in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 15.09.2013 at the Morumbi Stadium!
Category  Film & Animation

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