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MJplaysMC4OJ 2015-07-17 @ 00:49:28
The shit he puts in the outro is so damn funny, that I almost piss myself every time.
Evil Ninja // The Buff Club 2015-08-02 @ 02:13:25
Um, his voice sounds like he is trying to whisper, fast. Hurts my ears, but a great video! Every video I see by you, makes me want that mod!
Bearbacca 2015-07-13 @ 13:25:11
Ah.... Nice to see the people of Markarth have loosened up a bit. 
Dillon2469 2014-12-18 @ 01:43:44
when he says staves does he mean staffs? 
BNSF1995 2014-11-15 @ 00:24:00
First off, I couldnt imagine Skyrim without this mod or Immersive Weapons. Second, is that couple doing the dance from the Lucky Star intro?
wildside316 2015-07-03 @ 11:59:14
What mod did you use for the poses, emotes, and the dancing?
Reiton Monnet 2015-03-31 @ 05:21:50
Yo your voice gives me like hard on xD
Luis Mitis 2014-11-07 @ 18:30:54
a lot of these weapons are hideous, any way to disable them?
Far_Kren 382 2015-05-11 @ 17:23:50
can u give me the link of the mod of the photo ?
vytros12 2014-05-08 @ 12:46:48
Can you disable some weapons like in the Immersive Armors mod? Needless to say, not all weapons are exactly to my "immersive" taste.
Eleghost LP 2014-09-07 @ 16:30:46
01:33 Kusanagi
Joel Smith 2014-12-03 @ 18:10:42
what armor is that in your thumbnail?
Chase Farquhar 2015-02-11 @ 20:55:07
0:39 is my favourite
Kidd Eli 2015-06-14 @ 22:00:08
I love this mod seriously Skyrim is almost a new game and not boring anymore. I played skyrim to level 50 then moved to pc. This keeps me attached.
Bulldog Gaming 2014-09-20 @ 14:18:18
You Should Do Lets Plays With Mods
Grayson Ferro 2014-12-03 @ 02:54:13
Whats wrong with ur voice
Roman Ziegler 2014-06-29 @ 10:12:05
high quality? the hammers and picks look terrible in game and the spears and staffs look weird because npcs are holding them as regular two handed weapons, some of the swords for example falkreath sword also look terrible... this mod cant reach the quality of jaysus swords mod 
VolvenIV 2014-02-07 @ 00:39:40
What accent is he speaking in? To me he sounds like an effeminate Scottsman or something... sorry, was that offensive?
Moose Niga 2014-05-06 @ 07:01:54
"just as good as the ones in dawngaurd"soo they look like shit? lol
boris beeloo 2014-07-17 @ 22:21:39
Just download it together with immersive armors devently recommend it 
MercenaryUnicorn 2013-12-16 @ 22:32:46
if I played a new game on skyrim. would these weapons be op? or would they be good and just like other weapons?
Chiken 2014-01-19 @ 02:39:02
can you give them to yourself?
Andon Rosario 2014-02-06 @ 16:27:00
36 seconds how is that weapon immersive 
jeno paragas 2014-05-15 @ 20:21:20
Why cant we have these in the Game?
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