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Lanzamiento Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD y 1600 LD

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hassan vybes 2014-10-13 @ 21:05:23
Eric Anderson 2014-09-22 @ 23:15:10
This bus is amazing. Forget Vanhools doulbe decker. I always thought I would want a Prevost conversion, but if I could I think I would convert this thing. Wow!
Elvis iriarte 2014-07-09 @ 05:06:56
Alguien sabe ¿cual es el precio de un G7 1800DD? Es para un trabajo de mi universidad. Muchas gracias
siame jg Siame 2014-09-16 @ 13:31:46
Yeeah, It is really wonderfully.
DR SEBASTIAN FITZGERALD 2014-08-08 @ 03:40:24
it;s what Greyhound needs in its fleet.
Manuel Panorama 2014-07-28 @ 01:09:23
cadadia estamejorando todo escaro pero son seguros , lindos autocares ,gcracia alos ingenieros tecnicos y electrcistas , y sen ,sores lo mejor del mundo nuevas tenologias , al precio que cuesta el atocar por que no gastarse unpocomas y viajar comodo tengan en cueta al precio que estan poniendo el gasoil viaje seguro no barato y viejo , para viajar gasten unpocomas y laseguridad es escelente saludos viajen en lo nuevo , moraleja subete alobueno ,y tira loviejo grandes con ductoes con munchas horas de esperncia para todos los vi jeros las personas mayores cuidado ycomodos para los niños mas seguridad viaje por unpoco mas agusto viajar es unplacer no una tortura manuel gracias ala modernizazion
Carlos Arturo Jimenez Pulido 2014-08-02 @ 22:39:00
vipul taviyad 2014-08-01 @ 14:45:13
I love these Marcopolo buses, India Should have buses like these................
Yamin Ahmed 2014-07-19 @ 01:00:22
I wanna take Europe tour riding this bus. It will take 10-15 years to come in North America. I will be surprise if this luxurious bus comes in North America before 2020. 
Luciana Alves 2014-07-14 @ 15:04:36
I think, that they are brazilian buses, they are amazing and beatiful. Id to see one of them running
Mariomondragon 2014-06-26 @ 05:56:07
its like the busses are dancing to this wired song 2:45
rim damage 2014-06-16 @ 11:11:47
Guilherme Bento 2014-06-17 @ 19:19:28
Estan chidos los dos pero con esa carreteras tan peligrosas que tenemos aqui en mexico y esos choferes locos 
Aaron Gabriel Gomez Perez 2014-06-05 @ 03:47:32
Nice buses!!
ashraf kotb 2014-05-26 @ 11:49:51
Cutwoodnow 2014-09-27 @ 13:55:26
bus trave is usually crappy but if you get the front top seats in these things i think it would be pretty cool
jaime carrillo 2014-05-24 @ 20:05:56
3 minutes of oooohooooaaaaooohooooaaaaoooohhohooooooaaooaoaaooooooohhhhhooooaaaaaaaa naaaa naanaa dadaaadaaaaa
Darrell barron 2014-08-26 @ 15:32:41
Ostap 2014-02-01 @ 22:20:56
I watched your presentation. Great is Your models meet the Euro 6 standards, it really is economical and ideal. What more could only say that you are excellent.
jason H 2014-04-22 @ 01:43:16
I love this also, so comfortable inside.
Walter Sciner 2014-08-02 @ 23:06:25
Why does it seam the video was made in the 1980s?... 
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to Edwin Loza
Added  2011-03-25
From  Edwin Loza
Lanzamiento Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD y 1600 LD
Category  Autos & Vehicles

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