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EPIC RAP BATTLES OF XBOX LIVE 18! NobodyEpic vs Gifted Assaultz (Funny Call of Duty Rap)

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SimpleFace45 2014-04-07 @ 22:40:35
"your not good at rapping you said a bunch of random letters" which some how spells nobodys, that guy is a stupid mutha fucka
Mr. Esman01 2015-02-06 @ 23:47:06
Like if you liked the video because you have a large johnson
EpicLetsPlay Gaming 2014-09-24 @ 03:19:48
Yo Im Here With NobodyEpic, Replay to this rap because Im Ganna go Hecktic,yo the boys of my home crew the ones on COD coming for you, Sit down take a seat while i turn up the heat,You Think you can talk shit in a rap let me refrase becuase i know i 360 you like the clan FAZE! I got the best for the ones and killas i play COD and get the kills for dah Thrillas,I know the rest and call it out 4 words I AM THE BEST!! I play COD For you and yo mamma to on the bed at night and i know i get her right! Yo mamma be a slut i get back and rape that butt,you know im better because i am,your that bitch who CANT GET A RAM! THEY BE KILLIN THEY BE THRILLING AND ALL THE BEST KNOWS!! For what i got in a RAP TO SHOW!! BECAUSE YOU CANT EVAN GET YO DICK TO BLOW!!! BITCH!!! (Reply to me for this rap bro!,Plus the rap sucks but it sall i go i never rap so here ya go XD)
MetallicBrony 2014-11-29 @ 23:16:14
what if you dont have a large dick or a are a female?
Somone Else 2014-11-19 @ 01:01:53
cool, nobodyepic and nogla are friends. makes sense i guess.
IzZUnTouchAble 2014-03-01 @ 23:15:59
2:43 i shouted DAITHI DE NOGLA
NIGHTMAREGAMER 2014-10-24 @ 16:51:16
One of the best rappers Ive heard in a while 
Michael Deleon 2014-05-29 @ 08:04:00
His writtens are all generics except to the two lines referring to the other guy.
lorraine mitchell 2014-10-21 @ 15:41:30
I love ur videos man keep it up
DragonMan825 2014-01-18 @ 14:38:36
noboy you should get in contact wiht XpertTheif he is a pretty good frestyler just like yourself you shhould hit him up and make a vid out of it rapbattle wil be tight as hell man just look him up
Lewis Page 2014-06-03 @ 19:44:00
miss these
Jacob Fradella 2014-03-12 @ 00:38:02
You and got drums gotta rap battle
Maximum Tamato 2014-02-21 @ 01:01:36
That rap is written
booboodabad 2014-06-05 @ 17:55:30
simple face your speaking for yourself you dont got shit
Michael Hill 2014-05-30 @ 23:37:07
Bad raps, bad flow, bad voice. You can tell he has pre-writtens too since he repeated exactly what he originally said. Another shitty white rapper.
beachgaming1 2014-01-02 @ 23:57:46
nobody mess him up sub to bro fist
THE C00L BANANA 2014-07-28 @ 16:34:14
wtf is up with Spanish commercials everytime I watch your vids lol
Carlos Major 2014-03-10 @ 06:48:22
am skinner1x off of psn yall dead xbox players looks like you need a friend just remember me am the freestyle king if u a bird ill brake your wing if u mess with me ill be like a be u could get sting test me bro i will get a A am in a different class from u my gun could blast u too fuck yall 
Aleeeex1055 2014-03-06 @ 09:10:01
Why is there a Spanish tide commercial?
joe mama 2014-07-08 @ 19:38:10
I win 
jacob frias 2014-01-24 @ 00:12:59
I like how after nobody won the dude said you cant even rap
Alec S 2014-01-12 @ 02:31:08
Ha Daithi logged in
franz leimlehner 2014-06-18 @ 05:02:30
That bitch cant even spell
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to NobodyEpic
Added  2012-11-03
From  NobodyEpic
Hope you enjoyed! Can I get a like for an epic battle? Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/NobodyEpic Like me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/NobodyEpicOfficial ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLICK LINK BELOW and use (more)
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