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Janet Misselbrook 2015-02-17 @ 19:28:19
My fav out of sky buds is Jason 
Layla Nuur 2014-12-30 @ 12:10:26
i think jason aint having that much fun
Kayla Sledge 2014-06-19 @ 08:37:23
I havent noticed any more adventure maps played by this duo in a long time has anyone else noticed this? Plz reply if you have.
samuel Fulford 2015-01-10 @ 19:23:27
sky sky!!!!!!!!!!! #JISSYGARRY 
Darren Smith 2015-01-10 @ 23:46:46
this texture pack is from world craft on ios or android download it and that is the normal texture pack
samuel Fulford 2015-01-10 @ 19:23:57
jetlord98kills 2014-10-21 @ 02:50:28
sky can you teel your dad i said hi
TgpMiner 2014-10-27 @ 10:41:55
Can You Put The Texure Pack In The Description
Evan Marsh 2014-08-08 @ 05:42:01
no you didnt get the stone sword from a zombie you got it from a chest
kaylaerica16 2014-07-13 @ 22:02:39
Love the music at the end of the video! You are such an awesome mixer :)
Alicia Patiño 2014-07-12 @ 15:53:11
Um your doing the guest wrong dont mean. To be rude still love u guys!! !!!!!!
Abdusamad I lbrahim 2014-06-11 @ 00:04:34
+TheWarriorMonkey +TheBajanCanadian +JeromeASF +DeadloxMC +Blitz Miner +Blitz Animationz +Blitz Gamez 
Hadif Suhaimi 2014-06-09 @ 06:31:46
The Ultimate Theorist 2014-05-07 @ 14:19:11
Sky Sky #Skydoesknigthvsherobrine 
Hadif Suhaimi 2014-06-09 @ 06:30:07
you rock true mu 
The Ultimate Theorist 2014-05-07 @ 13:43:55
thats my favourite youtube video ever you rock jason/minecraft universe
THEBADASSGAMER 007 2014-05-03 @ 12:29:41
Hadif Suhaimi 2014-06-09 @ 06:31:55
This is very awesome TrueMU 
Mary Grace Genon 2014-03-24 @ 02:19:51
i love this map!!! i have watched it god knows how many times and i still love it!!!! SKY AND JASON ARE AWESOME!!!!! keep calm and love sky and jason!! (MADE THAT UP BTW!!!)
The Perfect Sisters 2014-01-22 @ 17:43:56
minecraft universe you are the best guy ever to play minecraft 
The Ultimate Theorist 2014-05-07 @ 14:18:12
Who cares he was saying fuk
Joshua Seo 2014-02-12 @ 06:19:39
Holla shit
dylan miller 2014-01-24 @ 06:40:20
the only reason i would say hell is because im talkin about like hell as in nether
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Showing 1-25 of 13337 See All Videos
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