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Figgity Jones 2015-01-22 @ 14:49:15
2:59 (w/o watching the rest yet) goddamnit
CadmiumPoisoning 2015-06-22 @ 13:42:14
I had a bug when playing this game where that confession tape didnt make any sound at all, and I didnt hear any part of it. Only now I realize that this explains nearly everything.
Nikki Southpole 2014-08-16 @ 03:38:20
Omg Jesse! You missed the blue in the Lord Regents Chambers! Oh, how could you not have seen it on the table by his bed where you threw him?! 
dakerson1234 2014-07-20 @ 10:00:37
Should have just gotten the tower skeleton key and that would have been a lot easier.
DaLatinKnight 2013-12-11 @ 06:14:46
2nd Dishonered game? Call it Dishonored 2: Dishonered Harder 
jaffar8 2013-01-07 @ 02:26:58
yes, when he stabbed the empress
Lethal Harmony 2013-01-07 @ 01:45:49
:( Theres nothing explicitly saying you have to kill the Torturer... just go down and get the rune in his area at least.
DasVERMiT 2013-01-07 @ 04:54:32
Dishonored 2: Honored
Alexandru Ionescu 2013-01-07 @ 07:15:18
"You;ve been overthrown!" Best punchline ever.
SerbianGamez 2013-01-07 @ 09:52:01
There are like 3 or 4 more missions after this one.
Teemu Rytsölä 2013-01-07 @ 22:23:38
You should use your q and e more to look behind corners while sneaking, I believe you cant be detected while doing so. For example at the end of this episode the guard get slightly alerted because you use movement keys to have vision, when you could just lean over the corner with your e or q, it just gives better vision as well.
Zephy Cluster 2013-01-07 @ 07:56:19
07:16. Jesse, you just named their DLC.
Nackols 2013-06-07 @ 15:10:04
lol, then you should watch game grumps, omg 10 min each video, lazy fucks -.-
DutchTallJacker 2013-01-07 @ 01:32:00
Jesse, I LOVE this series. Appreciate your work.
wowFTW897 2013-01-07 @ 15:28:39
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh damn
TheKingOfToads 2013-03-08 @ 23:43:53
Little late bra... the series ended a while ago.
Macrissa McGonigle 2013-01-07 @ 00:45:48
Jesses so awesome.
trotdawg2k 2013-01-07 @ 09:00:00
and then the sequel, Dishonored 3: Dishonored again.
Dakota Phillips 2013-01-07 @ 07:16:50
youre probably right it looks like a promo poster
Amyphere 2013-03-16 @ 14:47:26
Well, at least videos that are about 20 or so minutes instead if about 15.
Tim Bayne 2013-01-07 @ 00:48:57
"I have a feeling this is nowhere close to being done." Oh, you have no idea Jesse :)
Nuvuk 2013-01-07 @ 13:05:19
The end of this vid was very satisfying. When I was listening to the audiograph I wanted to go back and slit the high overseers throat.
SamSGLM 2013-01-07 @ 00:26:22
would this prevent jessie from doing the other quests? since he dealt with the lord regent, maybe the torturer is no longer a threat or is an ally? like all the guards supposably
Cryonyte 2013-06-29 @ 18:36:17
Dont make me name your games Too late Jesse, too late Buy Us for Boobs
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